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Ask A Trainer

Asking The Trainer

This is the place to ask your health and fitness question. You may be wondering about the proper form in an exercise, whether to lift for lower reps or higher reps, or how much cardiovascular exercise to get each week. Feel free to ask anything about health and fitness!

Please email personal trainer Jenna Kuhlman at to ask your question. If you wish to remain anonymous please say so. Otherwise we will post your first name and last initial with your question.



I'm from a warm state and have trouble running here in the winter. Do you have any tips for cold-weather exercising? - Kat A.

Hi Kat! You have a few options for exercising during a Minnesota winter. If you want to continue exercising outside during the winter, make sure you dress appropriately and not exercise in the extreme cold. You can find out more about that here. With all of our snow, Minnesota is a great state for snowshoeing and skiing. You can check out both skiis and snowshoes for free through the front desk at the rec center. Finally, if you want to go indoors, you can use any of the fitness center treadmills or try an aerobic group fitness class through the MindBodySpirit Program. - Sam