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Sam Twito's Client Testimonials

Ben S., Carleton Senior
Beginning my training sessions with Sam last spring was probably one of the better decisions I've made at Carleton. I have never been in poor shape; I run, swim, play volleyball, and do yoga with some regularity. But since middle school, the weight room always seemed off limits. I knew that I only felt that way because I was unfamiliar with the exercises and equipments and the only solution would be to work with someone who could show me what to do. Training with Sam has always been extremely comfortable. I never feel like I can't ask a question or tell him exactly how my body is feeling. I have never felt an ounce of judgement from Sam, which has completely transformed lifting weights for me. It is also quite nice to have someone to hold you accountable and make sure that you exercise constantly and consistently. I couldn't be happier with my experience.

Kendra S., Carleton Staff and Alumna
I have worked with Sam Twito for over a year to increase general fitness and hone balance and control skills for dance, and couldn’t be happier. Sam builds routines that challenge and interest me, explaining not just the exercise, but also the physiological impact, which in turn improves my execution. He also provides adaptations so I can do the routines outside of a gym setting, which is important to me as I know I won’t always be able to afford gym membership.

Sam is keenly attuned to my performance, and when I experience pain or fatigue faster than normal, he quickly modifies exercises so that their benefit remains without exacerbating issues. I find that problems I’ve had have improved with time as these modifications strengthen surrounding and supporting areas.

I personally struggle with going to the gym on my own. When I’m training with Sam, though, it is easy to get excited - I look forward to the accomplishment and growth that he so easily brings out in me through training. The information and the way he has shared it with me will continue to benefit me for many years to come.