Carleton in Their Own Words

To truly understand Carleton, talk to the people who know it best: our students.

We asked students to share their candid opinions about Carleton's student body, academics, campus life and more. Below is a cross-section of their uncensored comments.

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  • As hard as the classes are and as much pressure as there is to succeed, professors are not there to play 'gotcha.' They are truly invested in helping you to not just pass the class, but become a better student, a better writer, and a better person.Josh Carson ‘14
  • It's hard. A lot harder than high school. Three classes a term is plenty.Simon Johansen ‘14
  • People take academics seriously but unlike many other top-notch academic institutions, Carleton students are not trying to compete with each other, rather, it is a very collaborative environment. Academics will take up a lot of time but students also understand the need to prioritize frolicking in the Arb and the like over academics on occasion.Milana Socha '14
  • Carleton's academics are among the most rigorous, most rewarding, most talkative, most compelling, most sleep-deprivation-inducing, most illuminating, most necessary experiences I have ever had the privilege of encountering. People are in the courses because they want to be there. Imagine being at beautiful summer camp and having a long, personal conversation about the world with some other campers--that's Carleton.Jeremiah Moriarty '15
  • Academics are challenging, fascinating, and engaging at Carleton. I love only taking three classes per term, as it gives me time to dedicate time and focus intensively on each class. People are genuinely interested in their classes and material, whether it is pondering the environmental ethics of daily decisions, building multiplication subroutines using MIPS code, or painting a photorealistic self-portraits. Plus, you get really close with your professors! Our professors are awesome, knowledgeable, and approachable - and they really care about their students.Florence Wong '16