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To truly understand Carleton, talk to the people who know it best: our students.

We asked students to share their candid opinions about Carleton's student body, academics, campus life and more. Below is a cross-section of their uncensored comments.

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Student Body

  • Quirky and open. You can sit down anywhere in the dining halls and strike up conversations with the people sitting around you. And good conversations at that. It just works here, and it's a nice feeling.Julia Leghorn ‘14
  • As far as I can tell there is really no specific feature that defines a Carleton student. Obviously, the type of person who tends to want to come to Carleton is someone who wants to be challenged intellectually. However, beyond intellectual integrity you can find any type of person at Carleton.Student Body
  • People who are generally open-minded and willing to consider the ideas of others will feel right at home at Carleton. You can have views that are radically different from the rest of the student body: just be prepared to have your ideas challenged.Erik Sorensen '17
  • If you define yourself by grades and find enjoyment in comparing your grades to others, do not come to Carleton. Students pride themselves in helping each other, not competing with each other. We are disgusted when we hear about other schools where students rip out vital pages in library books and purposefully harm the work of others. That is not what Carleton is about.Anna Zimmer '15
  • Carleton students care deeply about academic work, their friends, and doing something meaningful with their time at Carleton and the degree they earn from here. Fun-loving and yet driven people fit in well here, I would say, although people fit into Carleton and enjoy it here for all sorts of reasons. I can't think who wouldn't fit in here, except that an open mind and a sense of humor are both pretty key to making the best use of your time here.Robbie Emmet '16
  • The student body is actually pretty diverse. I don't just mean racially or socioeconomically, that could be argued. I mean that there is a wide variety of people who fit in here with a wide variety of interests. There are some unifying aspects, though. Don't come here if you take yourself too seriously. Most Carls are passionate but not self-serious. And humble. It is fairly uncommon to hear a Carleton student bragging. Generally Carls are just nice, honest, a little bit awkward, but good people. They may have outwardly distinct hobbies or lifestyles, but at the core I think everyone has at least some level of compassion for humanity.Laura Freymiller '15