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How to Apply to Carleton

It's easy to begin Carleton's application process:

  1. Submit the optional Part I Application

    Part I is the first (and optional) step in applying to Carleton, and it's usually available around August 1 of your senior year. Submitting Part I lets us know that you consider yourself an applicant, even before you complete the full application process. This helps us keep in touch with you and guide you through the process for submitting and tracking the remaining documents we require. Carleton waives the application fee for those who submit Part I.

    Part I: Your First Step

  2. Submit the Common Application and supplement (required)

    Carleton requires students to submit the Common Application to be considered for admission.*  There is no application fee for students applying online using the Common App.   Feeling confused about the Common App?  Let us explain.

    *Carleton participates in QuestBridge, which has a separate application that we'll consider in lieu of the Common App.

    Submit the Common App