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Admissions Calendar and Deadlines

Application Schedule for Fall Term Admission

All Application Material Must Be Postmarked by: File CSS Financial Aid PROFILE Application by:** Mailing of Admissions Decisions on or Before: Applicant's Reply Date:
Nov. 15 Nov. 15 Dec. 15 Jan. 15
Jan. 15 Jan. 15 Feb. 15 March 1
REGULAR DECISION Jan. 15* Feb. 15 April 1 May 1
TRANSFER March 31* March 31 May 15 June 1

*: Applications may be submitted after this date, but priority will be given to those applying on or before the deadline.
**: Applicants requesting consideration for financial aid must also complete and file the FAFSA as soon as their parents have completed their Federal income tax returns. See our Financial Aid Information for Prospective Students.

QuestBridge: Since 2013, we have been a partner college with QuestBridge, a nationwide program that connects talented, under-served students with high-quality education opportunities after high school. Students interested in QuestBridge should be sure to become familiar with the QuestBridge application process.

Early Decision: Those who decide that Carleton is their first choice college are encouraged to apply under the Early Decision program. Early Decision is a commitment to attend if accepted. Students may submit applications to other colleges or universities, but not under another early decision plan. Those accepted will be expected to withdraw all other applications.

Early Decision candidates are reviewed at two different times of the year, but whenever the student applies, the criteria for selection are identical. Students electing the Early Decision option should submit all necessary materials by one of the following dates:

  • November 15. The Admissions Committee will mail decisions by December 15 and admitted candidates will have until January 15 to submit the $300 confirming deposit.
  • January 15. The Admissions Committee will mail decisions by February 15 and admitted candidates will have until March 1 to submit the $300 confirming deposit.

Regular Decision: Applicants on Regular Decision will receive notification from the College by April 1 of the senior year. Those offered admission will have until May 1 to make the $300 deposit.

The initial $300 payment will not be refunded except in case of illness which makes it impossible for a student to enter the College at the time for which he or she has been accepted.

Enrollment Deposit: The $300 enrollment deposit consists of two parts:  $250 is used to confirm your enrollment and is returned to you upon graduation, and $50 is a lifetime transcript fee.  The enrollment deposit is not applied toward your fall term balance. 

Late Applicants: Students who submit applications postmarked after January 15 each year must recognize they are applying on a space-if-available basis. In some years, the College is able to offer admission to late applicants; in other years, the first-year student class may be filled and students to whom we would like to offer admission must be placed on a waiting list to see if vacancies occur in late spring or early summer.

Early Admission: Students may be admitted to Carleton without completion of a fourth year of secondary school. It is expected that such candidates will present unusually strong academic credentials, display a high degree of maturity and have the enthusiastic support of their secondary schools.

Deferred Admission: Candidates who wish to defer college for a year following completion of secondary school may apply for admission during their senior year. The application should be accompanied by a statement describing the candidate's reasons for desiring to delay matriculation, plans for the interim year and perceived benefits of the delay. Such requests should be made by May 1 if at all possible.

Transfer Students: Carleton accepts a number of transfer students for each fall term. Students wishing to apply for the fall term should submit applications prior to March 31, and will be notified of the Admissions Committee's decision before May 15. All transfer applicants are expected to submit results from the SAT or ACT. To qualify for the Carleton degree, students must spend at least two years in residence including the senior year.