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  • Cowling Arboretum Fall '13
    Student Video & Photo Blog

    Autumn in the Arb

    October 21, 2013

    A glimpse of the Cowling Arboretum during the changing of seasons.

  • Nick's Blog


    October 18, 2013

    A glimpse of my French class!

  • A placard image for media work Farm Bike Tour
    Student Video & Photo Blog

    Farm Bike Tour

    October 16, 2013

    Carleton students study intensely, but they also take time out to volunteer and get involved in  local community events. Our intrepid video team checked out one such event, Northfield Farm Bike Tour 2013, organized to help raise awareness of the local food scene and build bridges between different areas of the Northfield community.

  • Ayumi Tachida's Blog

    My identities

    October 14, 2013

    Here at Carleton, when we talk about other people, we say they self-identify as something or other instead of making inappropriate assumptions or assignments.

  • Apple picking in Northfield
    Student Video & Photo Blog

    Apple Picking

    October 14, 2013

    Autumn has finally arrived in Minnesota, which means it's apple picking season. The rain ceased just long enough last week for students to venture out to Fireside Orchards in Northfield to enjoy the fruits of some manual labor and to indulge in warm apple donuts and cider.


  • A placard image for media work Student Activities Fair-2013
    Student Video & Photo Blog

    Student Activities Fair

    October 14, 2013
    The Carleton community is filled with passionate people pursuing their varied interests through student organizations. There are countless groups doing everything from cooking great food to volunteering at local schools. The student activities fair is a great way for new students to get to see all of the different groups that are active on campus and sign up for way too many of them.
  • Madeline Geitz's Blog

    A Real Dorm Room

    October 12, 2013

    It exists! Here's proof!

  • Nick's Blog

    Let the games begin...

    October 10, 2013

    A typical weekend at Carleton, filled with the added suspense and intrigue of "Assassins" and Chelsea 11:17.

  • A placard image for media work First Day of Class
    Student Video & Photo Blog

    First Day of Class

    October 7, 2013
    What are students excited for on their first day of classes at Carleton?
  • Ayumi Tachida's Blog


    October 6, 2013

    And more questions.

  • Madeline Geitz's Blog

    Academic Jitters

    October 5, 2013

    a break from your regularly scheduled programming

  • Nick's Blog


    October 3, 2013

    My first impression of the academic atmosphere at Carleton after three weeks.