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January 27, 2014 at 10:35 pm

Nourse window

#1: my bed in my lovely Nourse triple. The heating is wanky such that sometimes the room feels like a jungle and sometimes the heater is just blowing cold air at us, but room draw lottery numbers for next year come out tomorrow and I have my fingers crossed that I'll be able to live in this hall again next year...

Messy desk

#2: my desk. My excuse is that I just took an exam and that organization becomes a secondary concern when you're busy, as does laundry. Notice the two free frisbees Carleton has given me on the right side of the middle shelf.

Closeup of messy desk

I don’t put much effort into decorating my room--my bulletin board is about the extent of it. It has important quotes like one from my psychology prof (“you’re in a giant operant box, my friend!”--she said this to my psych of learning class recently and I’m still getting over it) or from a high school math teacher (“there’s no such thing as stupid, just lazy”). There are pictures of friends from home and here, a doll my friend here from Russia gave me, a desk lamp from a graduated senior who also gave me all of his paper clips, hot cheetos and gummi worms (again, can you tell I have a few exams this week?), assorted memories, and no less than four organic chemistry textbooks.

3rd study room

#3: You can always find me in a study room on the south side of the third floor of the library on Sundays and most weekdays, complete with hot tea, an orgo textbook, and (often) my boyfriend the Classics scholar. These rooms are well heated and generally quiet with low foot traffic, since your view of most of the floor is blocked by these moving bookshelves. Those who don’t frequent the libe won’t find this side of the floor anytime soon...I hope.

 Burton Dining behind the scenes

Honorable mention: the dining hall--one of the places in my life where I feel like I have a good amount of control over how things go. Line cook Nathan can always be counted on to be grumbling loudly over by the grill about how the students (student workers and student eaters) are getting him behind, while Ben on the far end is constantly running out of garlic breadsticks or whatever the student favorite of the night is, and Erica and Ben on the other side are always good-naturedly willing to help me find the elusive waffle batter or decide whether to humor the clamoring students by opening another tub of ice cream close to closing time.

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