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A Real Dorm Room

October 12, 2013 at 9:46 am

By August 10th, I was counting down the days until I arrived on campus. I spent a lot of time browsing the Carleton website and looking at every image of Carleton life I could find, but was pretty disappointed. For instance, when I was trying to get a grasp of what triples in Burton Hall looked like, the only image I found was this:

Previous Burton Triple Image's half a couch. I love couches as much as the next person, but come on.

To ameliorate the pain for future Burton residents wondering what their room might actually look like, here's a real picture of a triple:

First Burton Dorm Room

This picture was taken during New Student Week when we were still setting up the room. Still, it gives a good glimpse of the layout. Do you see that desk on the right? That's my desk! Speaking of my desk...

Dorm room desk, Burton

My desk at the beginning of the week...and at the end. It has since returned to its beginning state (Friday night room cleaning, woo!) and will once again creep its way into chaos.

I had also been meaning to snap a photo of the bathrooms here, but every time I've brought my camera into the restroom, someone else has been in there, too. I really don't want a reputation as "creepy girl who takes photos in public restrooms." That'll be saved until next time, I guess. The bathroom photo. Not the reputation.


  • October 14 2013 at 1:41 pm
    Pete Farmer
    This looks like the mirror image of the 2-room triple I lived in on Burton's second floor in 1976-77. Ours faced the back, was 2 rooms left of the center entrance, and had a working fireplace. (We used to "requisition" wood from a storepile in the Sevy basement; if anyone asked what we were doing, we simply said, "They said we could find wood down here," and marched off. The lesson I learned was that if you act with confidence, you can fool people into thinking you're legitimate.) Burton had been remodeled in 1975 and looks to have held up nicely since.

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