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A Juggling Act

November 14, 2013 at 10:00 am


          9th week is zooming by and so are deadlines and assignments. I recently just turned in a revised essay stating that we should take sense perception on faith, and that we are justified in doing so.   After turning this in, I am now starting another paper for the same class refuting the uniqueness thesis-which states that given a body of evidence there is a uniquely rational credence to have for each proposition. (Basically that two people acting equally rationally will come to the exact same conclusion.)  After turning in the second to last draft of my 21 page group project on Tuesday, we are now starting to put together our presentation, which like the paper analyzes the effects of education in China.   Lastly, in about two hours I have an oral French interview (exam).  

            Despite all of this work, I have somehow managed to practice for a juggling performance, which will be today.  We have been practicing for about an hour a day, since Sunday. This is yet again a wonderful way to take a break from homework. The only problem is that I don't exactly have that much time to take a break from homework right now.

            One of my best friends in the juggling routine with me, which makes it all the more fun!  We are doing several different types of passing drills, which are in my opinion much harder than just juggling three balls by yourself. In these drills, we have to all simultaneously not make mistakes (which really increases the chance of messing up). The wonderful thing is that despite the difficulty of this looming performance, we have been having so much fun practicing, and no matter what happens, it will have been a worthwhile experience. Also before I came to Carleton I didn’t know how to juggle at all, so I consider this quite an improvement.  At first I was pretty nervous, but I've moved on from these worries and just view this upcoming performance as an adventure.

            Already Carleton has taught me both how to juggle figuratively and literally.  And despite the difficulties of juggling everything, I am still immensely enjoying my time here, and already a little bit worried that the term is almost over! The amazing people here just create a wonderful atmosphere, so even in times of stress, I am still extremely happy, and grateful to be here.


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