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  • Anna Chance '15

    Anna Chance '15

    Kansas City, MO Environmental and Technology Studies Major
    “Everyone is good at "their thing." Even if you are SUPER BAD at something like math (like me), no one on campus will judge you for that.”
  • Sam Chao '16

    Sam Chao '16

    Skokie, IL
    “You know you're at Carleton when you and your friend make level of attachment vs. time graphs for your respective love interests.”
  • Caffi Meyer '15

    Caffi Meyer '15

    Calgary, Alberta Physics Major
    “Life at Carleton is fast-paced! It's remarkable how much you learn and do in a single term.”
  • Marielle Foster '16

    Marielle Foster '16

    Minneapolis, MN Computer Science Major Mathematics Major
    “Carleton hits the beautiful balance between intense learning and spontaneous, eclectic fun.”
  • Emily Balczewski '16

    Emily Balczewski '16

    Newburgh, IN
    “I wanted a school that would challenge me both inside and outside of the classroom.”
  • Nate Livingston '16

    Nate Livingston '16

    Evanston, IL Chemistry Major
    “A good college fit is really important. These are my people.”
  • Kifaya Taha '17

    Kifaya Taha '17

    St. Paul, MN
    “You don’t have to fit a mold here. Being an individual and being strong-minded is embraced.”
  • Owen Solis '17

    Owen Solis '17

    Los Angeles, CA
    “Maybe it was the first time in a rural setting for me, but it just felt like a great place to think.”
  • Acer Pahukoa '17

    Acer Pahukoa '17

    Wailuku, HI
    “I really wanted to play football in college, but I wanted an education first. The priority here is education.”
  • Todd Campbell Jr. '16

    Todd Campbell Jr. '16

    Chicago, IL Religion Major
    “There are so many options and such a closeness that you can develop with people here.”