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Ben Bedore '13

  • Burton Hall
    Ben lives in Burton Hall.
  • Contented Cow pub
    Ben's favorite places include The Contented Cow.
  • Q: How would you describe campus life at Carleton?
    A: Everything ebbs and flows at Carleton. Work, exams, weekend activities: sometimes they all come at once, and sometimes things are more quiet around here. But regardless of how much work you have or how full your social calendar is, life at Carleton is always driven by individual interests and passions.
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  • Q: What would surprise your high school friends about you now?
    A: I've had friends visit me at Carleton and they were definitely surprised at how many people I know on campus. Compared to a large school there are obviously less students at Carleton, yet I feel like you end up meeting more people because of all the myriad interests pursued and the residential college environment.
  • Q: Have you done any volunteering at Carleton?
    A: Through the ACT center I teach science and ecological conservation lessons to third graders with a program called Kids for Conservation (KFC). It's great to get off campus for an hour a week, interact with a lot of kids, and learn a lot about science and conservation in the process.
  • Q: Any advice for high school students on their college search?
    A: Apply early, and often. Make sure that you visit the schools you're considering. Try to get a sense of how the campus feels and ask yourself if you could grow and learn in that environment. And make sure you enjoy your senior year of high school along the way.
  • Q: What’s been your most interesting assignment?
    A: I designed and conducted an economics experiment this fall using real money and student test subjects to explore charity donation strategies, with the goal of maximizing donations.
  • Q: What are your interests & hobbies?
    A: Last summer I learned how to keep bees; I'd like to get better at that. I also like to grow a vegetable garden each summer.
  • Q: Which Carleton classes have been your favorites? Why?
    A: My two favorite classes at Carleton have been Environmental Chemistry and Symphonies from Mozart to Mahler. I loved learning intro chem through an environmental lens and designing a final research project.

Ben’s Places

  • Burton Hall

    Ben lives in Burton Hall

    Burton Hall is both a student residence hall and the location of Burton Dining Hall, one of two dining facilities on the Carleton campus. It has four floors, including the floor traditionally known as the loudest on campus owing to the foot traffic it receives: First Burton. It is part of the "complex" that links it to Davis Hall, Sevy Hall and Sayles-Hill without having to walk outside.

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  • Contented Cow pub

    Ben likes The Contented Cow

    The Contented Cow is a Northfield pub in the British tradition. The Cow takes its name from the Northfield town motto: "Cows, Colleges, and Contentment."

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