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Sara Hooker '13

  • Musser Hall
    Sara lives in Musser Hall.
  • Q: Which Carleton classes have been your favorites? Why?
    A: I took a class last term called Capitalism and Its Critics, which was my favorite class as well as the hardest I have taken here at Carleton. It talks about the current state of capitalism by looking at past thinkers like Marx and Keynes as well as recent economic history such as the financial crisis.
  • Q: What other schools did you seriously consider?
    A: LSE, Kings College London, UPENN, Barnard, University College London, Colby
  • Q: What surprised you about Carleton?
    A: How much free stuff there is. There is almost an overload of Carleton sponsored meals, clubs and opportunities. You get your taxi paid for to visit the doctor, if you request a book through the library they will buy it for you, if you see a great event in the cities the student activities office will sponsor the transport as well as the tickets.
  • Q: What campus jobs have you had while at Carleton?
    A: I have had two campus jobs. One in dining and the current in the office of International and Intercultural life at Carleton. As a student worker in the dining hall you basically dish up food, but the people you work with are amazing. The permanent chefs are lovely and you get free meals whenever you are at work. The second job is amazing. Working in the international office means you get a lot of contact with the student body and all the events going on on campus. It also means that your job description changes quite a bit depending on the event in question which keeps things interesting.
  • Q: Did financial aid influence your college decision?
    A: Financial aid was a critical factor in enabling me to attend. Carleton provided both the most generous package as well as the most well thought out aid. Through my financial aid package, for example, I have one round trip ticket home, so that I can see my family as an international student.
  • Q: Which student organizations have you joined?
    A: Outside of classes, I am involved in the Microfinance Club, Model United Nations,a radio show called Holly French finds Love (where we interview eligible bachelors to find love for our friend Holly) and the International Festival.
  • Q: How would you describe academic life at Carleton?
    A: Academic life at Carleton is challenging. Carleton primarily builds its reputation on academic prowess and it takes this responsibility very seriously. All students here have excelled in high school and most graduated near the top of their classes. This makes for a classroom where students perform to a high standard and go beyond it. At the same time however, students are really open to learning together and I have never felt like I couldn't approach someone else for help.
  • Q: What would surprise your high school friends about you now?
    A: My American lingo. My family constantly teases me about how my lingo has become more Americanized over my year here. I find myself saying things like: for sure, girrlll and even yo.
  • Q: How would you describe campus life at Carleton?
    A: Carleton is a small rural school, but it is strong because of this and not despite it. Life here is about meeting smart people who don't have egos, in an environment where you feel you can really say what you believe in, or explore things you never thought you would.
  • Q: What’s been your most interesting assignment?
    A: I did a seminar paper on how the growth of Islamic finance was affected by the stance of government towards the industry. It was really interesting to study how Islamic finance incorporates personal and cultural beliefs into capitalism, a framework we normally perceive to be clinical and unresponsive to identity. Very cool! :)
  • Sara Hooker '13
    Sara Hooker '13

Sara’s Places

  • Musser Hall

    Sara lives in Musser Hall

    Musser is a student residence hall on the west side of campus. Its tiled hallways are often covered with quotations, poetry, and drawings in dry-erase marker.

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