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How would you describe academic life at Carleton?

  • Emily Balczewski '16
    Academic life here changes term-by-term. It is key to have a balanced schedule and to explore all of Carleton's fabulous departments. Students here do care about grades, but I think there is a positive culture here that values learning more.
  • Marielle Foster '16
    Intense, fast, and fulfilling. The school does a great job helping people blow off steam, whether that is through petting puppies or having a silent dance party during finals week, or bringing giant bouncy houses indoors for us to play in during the dead of winter.
  • Anna Chance '15
    Difficult but also within a very accommodating and supportive framework. It's OK to struggle, it's OK to fail. Professors are there to help you get better and to learn. Everyone is good at "their thing." Even if you are SUPER BAD at something like math (like me), no one on campus will judge you for that. Teachers and other students are there TO HELP. The only expectation is that you to work hard, and to care about the work that you do.