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Which Carleton classes have been your favorites? Why?

  • Caffi Meyer '15
    CGSC 130 "Introduction to Cognitive Science: How to Build a Mind" (taught by Roy Elveton). The course title reeled me in but it was the engaging readings and lectures that kept me hooked. This class was definitely a favorite of mine because I got to learn about an interdisciplinary field of science about which I initially knew very little. The final class assignment involved an open-ended research paper which was an opportunity to apply what we learned about cognitive science to any topic of our choosing.
  • Owen Solis '17
    Arabic here has been phenomenal. It’s one of those things, like acting, that I just kind of picked up. “This seems kind of applicable,” you know? I've kept up with it ever since. The professors and language programs are great here. I’ve heard from other people in other languages that they’re so engaged and so much more thoughtful than at classes in bigger settings and bigger universities.
  • Emily Balczewski '16
    Hands down, Geology in the Field. I was loath to take the class, thinking rocks were boring, stagnant, and uninteresting. After taking the class, I think rocks are the coolest things ever (right up with Downton Abbey, chocolate chip cookies, and puppies) and our class is still very close; we enjoy reminiscing about falling into mud pits, finding fossils, and having dance parties during lab. Bottom line, geology rocks!