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Which Carleton classes have been your favorites? Why?

  • Sara Hooker '13
    I took a class last term called Capitalism and Its Critics, which was my favorite class as well as the hardest I have taken here at Carleton. It talks about the current state of capitalism by looking at past thinkers like Marx and Keynes as well as recent economic history such as the financial crisis.
  • Caffi Meyer '15
    CGSC 130 "Introduction to Cognitive Science: How to Build a Mind" (taught by Roy Elveton). The course title reeled me in but it was the engaging readings and lectures that kept me hooked. This class was definitely a favorite of mine because I got to learn about an interdisciplinary field of science about which I initially knew very little. The final class assignment involved an open-ended research paper which was an opportunity to apply what we learned about cognitive science to any topic of our choosing.
  • Marlena Hartman-Filson '13
    I am currently enrolled in African American History II with Professor Harry Williams and each day I am surprised by the depth of honest conversation we have. This is not the "Race in the U.S." class I took in high school, where the majority of class time was spent watching Spike Lee films. This class is demanding, both as far as class discussions and outside work, but I absolutely love it. It's fun to be challenged to think critically in a group, and Professor Williams demands respect in the form of participation and engagement.
  • Ben Bedore '13
    My two favorite classes at Carleton have been Environmental Chemistry and Symphonies from Mozart to Mahler. I loved learning intro chem through an environmental lens and designing a final research project.
  • Emily Balczewski '16
    Hands down, Geology in the Field. I was loath to take the class, thinking rocks were boring, stagnant, and uninteresting. After taking the class, I think rocks are the coolest things ever (right up with Downton Abbey, chocolate chip cookies, and puppies) and our class is still very close; we enjoy reminiscing about falling into mud pits, finding fossils, and having dance parties during lab. Bottom line, geology rocks!