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What would surprise your high school friends about you now?

  • Sara Hooker '13
    My American lingo. My family constantly teases me about how my lingo has become more Americanized over my year here. I find myself saying things like: for sure, girrlll and even yo.
  • Marielle Foster '16
    My friends from high school would have uniformly bet money on me being an English major. I still write creative work an hour or two everyday but have found the most fun and excitement in the Math, Physics and CS departments, and even manage to combine poetry and science.
  • Emily Balczewski '16
    They would be surprised that I dance!!! I joined Ebony II, the largest student-run dance group at Carleton, and had a blast jamming to Call Me Maybe and Starships during fall term.
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  • Ben Bedore '13
    I've had friends visit me at Carleton and they were definitely surprised at how many people I know on campus. Compared to a large school there are obviously less students at Carleton, yet I feel like you end up meeting more people because of all the myriad interests pursued and the residential college environment.