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Did you visit Carleton before applying?

  • Sam Chao '16
    I came to Accepted Student Days, and I remember being stunned by how excited everyone was to see prospies. All of the Carls were really welcoming and eager to convince us why Carleton was the best school.
  • Anna Chance '15
    My first visit was not an accurate picture of the collegeā€”I was just in town to see St. Olaf, and drove by Carleton and only really saw Musser. But I came back after applying to both schools (my college counselor convinced me that Carleton was a great fit for me) and stayed overnight at both places ... and that changed everything! The students at Carleton were lively and involved and fun-loving and creative. They also were really genuine and wanted to get to know me even though I was just a prospie. No other school that I visited really cared that I was there.
  • Emily Balczewski '16
    When I visited during Admitted Students Weekend, I audited a 300-level Computer Science Course, with zero previous Computer Science experience. By the end of the lecture, I felt like I had a deep understanding of the material...and had a blast while learning it. That's what Carleton is about: awesome profs, awesome classes, and learning unexpected things in enjoyable ways.