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Student Jobs

  • Sam Chao '16
    I worked in Burton Dining Hall my freshman year. If you came to eat dinner on Thursdays you would either be blessed by the angelic singing voices of me and my fellow student workers or you would have a laugh watching me (the smallest person on the shift) refilling the milk machine.
  • Caffi Meyer '15
    I've worked in the physics department as a grader, lab assistant, and tutor. I've also worked at The Cave at the counter and as assistant manager.
  • Sara Hooker '13
    I have had two campus jobs. One in dining and the current in the office of International and Intercultural life at Carleton. As a student worker in the dining hall you basically dish up food, but the people you work with are amazing. The permanent chefs are lovely and you get free meals whenever you are at work. The second job is amazing. Working in the international office means you get a lot of contact with the student body and all the events going on on campus. It also means that your job description changes quite a bit depending on the event in question which keeps things interesting.
  • Johnson House (Admissions)
    I'm from another country. Can I work to help pay for my education? Do I need a social security number? The Admissions Office says:
    Yes, if you receive financial assistance from Carleton College part of that aid will come from your on-campus employment. A social security number is not required for non-U.S. students.
  • Johnson House (Admissions)
    The Admissions Office says:
    Most students receiving financial aid have a part-time campus job as part of their aid package. First-year students may work up to eight hours per week. College jobs on campus include assignments in food service, academic and administrative offices, custodial, library, residence halls and facilities. Incoming new students fill out a job preference form with their skills and interests, which helps Student Financial Services match them with available jobs.