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Recap of Reunion 2006: Our 40th!

Historical - from 2006

This June will be our reunion and we want all of you to be there. The committee has spent the past few months inviting you to make the commitment to join us all at Reunion.

The Arb, Skinner Memorial Chapel, Great Hall, Norse, the lakes, all look as marvelous as they were in the sixties. There are new buildings and new programs which are enhancing and building that wonderful core liberal arts experience we had 40 years ago.

Thursday, June 15, 2006 to Sunday, June 18, 2006 we will have our 40th Reunion at Carleton. The committee is at work right now to help us all come back to Carleton. There are ways the campus has changed, there are ways it remains the same. We want YOU to be with us. We are fast approaching the time of redefining our lives and our directions and where would be a better place to gather with friends and associates from 40 years ago and have an emotional and spiritual touchstone for your new directions.

Just so you know about the supportive end of our participation, here are the latest figures as of May 30, 2006.

Annual Fund - as of May 30

  • $ given or pledged = $299,071  ($995 to go)
  • participation = 190 out of 351 = 54.1%

Actual Reunion Registrations - as of May 31

  • Registered classmates = 84
  • Registered friends = 28

In the next few months we will be reviewing, recalling and revisiting Carleton, then and now on these pages. Next year, enjoy this journey with us in Northfield. If you want more information or want to help with us in these efforts, email Bob White, (oh my god, I remember him!!), by clicking here and he will get the information to the right people.

- Bob White,

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