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Twin Cities Club Wolf Howl

Eighty-three Carleton alums, parents, kids, and friends visited the Wildlife Science Center on October 17, 2008 for a Wolf Howl, led by Peggy Callahan '84, the Center's founder and Executive Director. They saw raptors, wolves, bear, lynx, bobcat, and porcupine, and met a gray fox named "Schiller." (The Center's staff clearly were puzzled at the group's reaction to the name. As suspected, Peggy had named Schiller without explaining her little joke to them.) The visitors learned about the Center's efforts to protect animals on the Endangered Species List (the Center's Red Wolves are part of a total estimated population of 120), saw many instances of animal behavior, including hierarchical displays, and learned why attempts to keep wild animals as pets are almost invariably unsuccessful.

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