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Alumni in Counseling

312 alumni total in the Alumni Directory

12 alumni in the

Top place of work: Hospitals/Hlth Care Orgs/Clinics (110)

Top year: 1971 (12)

Top major: Psychology (89)

Career Center Opportunities

Career Center Services & Programs for Alumni

  • Carleton Scholars: Help arrange a group tour of your workplace by current students
  • 30 Minutes: Visit campus or use Skype video chat to talk with students about your field and career
  • Mentor Externships: Host a student for a short-term internship at your place of work
  • Engagement Wanted: Connect juniors and seniors to jobs, internships and networking opportunities
  • C.A.M.P.: Coach rising seniors through the process of entering the “real world” in a year-long mentoring program

Career Conversations

Join the discussion of careers in CarlTown! Ask questions, answer questions, and network with alumni in your profession.

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