Alumni Association Awards Nominations

During Reunion, Carleton's Alumni Association recognizes alumni who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their field or community, who have provided exceptional service to the College, or who are young alumni and have made a significant contribution that embodies the spirit of Carleton.

While anyone may submit a nomination, nominations typically come from classmates in Reunion years. If you are interested in submitting a nomination, please first contact the Office of Alumni Relations (800-729-2586), who will connect you with the nominations coordinator in the appropriate Reunion class.

The deadline for nominations is November 15. For guidelines on how to make a nomination, download the Microsoft Word or PDF files on the right side of this page. Award selection is made by the Alumni Council's Awards and Nominations Committee, and awards are presented during Reunion weekend in June of the following year. 

Want to submit an award nomination? Click here.

It is truly an honor to be nominated for an Alumni Association Award. Generally, about half of the nominees are selected in a given year. The Alumni Association considers nominations for three types of awards:

Distinguished Achievement Award

These awards are restricted to alumni of the College (including non-graduates). The criteria include outstanding achievement within a particular field or fields of accomplishment, and recognition may be for either professional accomplishments or community service.

Exceptional Service Award

These awards are for Carleton alumni and friends. Criteria include exceptional service that contributes substantially to the well-being of the College by furthering its purposes and programs. Employees, trustees and board members are eligible if they have retired or completed their employment or service. This recognition is not restricted to alumni and may include friends, faculty, administrators or others who have served the College.

In the Spirit of Carleton Award

This award is presented to Carleton alumni from the most recent 15 classes (1998-2012) who have made significant contributions to civic or professional organizations and who demonstrate the attributes of Carleton's liberal arts education. Nominees should have exhibited creativity, purposefulness and a commitment to quality and improving their community. The award recipient will be asked to return to campus as an alumna/us in residence and share his or her expertise with students during a visit of a few days. Preference will be given to candidates in the 5th, 10th and 15th reunion classes.

'C' Club Hall of Fame

In addition, the 'C' Club Board considers nominations for the ‘C’ Club Hall of Fame, which recognizes and honors Carleton letter winners, coaches, and others who have made outstanding contributions to Athletics at Carleton. Click here for more information about the 'C' Club Hall of Fame nominations process.

Nomination Process and Checklist

Nomination packets must include the following information, and may be sent via mail or electronically by November 15 (of the year prior to the reunion) to the Alumni Relations Office.

  • A cover letter, addressed to the Alumni Council Awards and Nominations Committee, summarizing your reasons for nominating your classmate. The cover letter must include your contact information (address, phone, email) and contact information for the nominee.
  • For Distinguished Achievement nominees:  indicate how your nominee compares to others within the same field and what makes their work outstanding in a national or international context. Many Carls do great work and make a difference in their communities. This award distinguishes those who truly are outstanding in their field. Letters of support from colleagues in the same field (or from the community, if nomination is for community service) who can explain how your nominee stands out and the impact of their work, are helpful.
  • For Exceptional Service nominees:  indicate how your nominee’s volunteer service has contributed substantially to the well-being of the College by furthering its purposes and programs. Describing the impact of their service is important. We recommend asking for letters of support from Carleton staff or faculty who have worked directly with the nominee and/or who can speak to their service in the context of Carleton’s very engaged alumni population.
  • List special honors the nominee has received for their work. Include a resume or C.V. if possible.
  • Show that the nominee’s accomplishments are a sustained activity, carried out over time.