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  • Laurence McKinley Gould

    The life of Larry Gould, former Carleton College president and Antarctic explorer. The Carleton College library was named after him in 1995.
  • American House

    Timeline of Carleton History

    A timeline of selected events from Carleton's history, from its founding to present date.
  • Inspirational Movement - 1972

    Photos from the Carleton College Archives: 1893-1972

    A collection of images from the archives displaying aspects of Carleton life spanning 79 years of history.
  • Winter Traditions

    Winter Traditions at Carleton

    The freezing cold of Minnesota winters has always been a given at Carleton. However, this gallery shows that this hasn't ever stopped students from enjoying themselves.
  • Carleton Family Coat of Arms

    Carleton Family Coat of Arms

    An explanation of the history of the Carleton coat of arms, adopted by the college in 1898 from the family of William Carleton, the college's namesake.