Student Arts Orgs

Students express their creativity outside the classroom through dozens of student-run groups.

  • Accidentals

    The Accidentals is a women's a cappella group that requires a love of singing and a sense of fun. We perform one major concert each term and are often invited to sing at other events during the year. Auditions are held in the fall and throughout the year as necessary.

  • Carleton Anime Society (CAS)

    The Carleton Anime Society exists to increase awareness of Japanese animation as an art form. In our attempt to make the wide variety of Japanese animation and other animation accessible, we strive to promote opportunities to experience and appreciate this phenomenon.

  • Carleton Ballroom Dance Team

    The purpose of the Ballroom and Latin Dance Team is to develop our skills as Ballroom and Latin dancers in order to compete at USA Dance and collegiate competitions. In doing so, we hope to further our presence both in the Carleton community and in the greater Midwestern dance community.

  • Carleton College Bridge Club

    The Carleton College Bridge Club brings together students interested in learning bridge, brushing up their skills at the game or sharing their bridge expertise. We meet weekly to play, but drop-ins are welcome!

  • Carleton College Chinese Chess Club (CCCCC)

    Instead of squares, the Chinese Chess board is a series of lines, and the Carleton College Chinese Chess Club warmly welcomes players of all skill levels to this uniquely Eastern ancient strategy game. Beginners will quickly learn how to play, whilst veterans shall share their experience in friendly competition with other players. Frequency of sessions during the week will depend on the interests of members, and every game is something to learn and develop from.

  • Carleton College Game Development Club (GameDev)

    The CCGDC is dedicated to the discussion and practice of video game development. Our focus is the hands-on production of game projects. Programmers, artists, designers, musicians, and everyone else with a practical interest are welcome.

  • Carleton Contact Improv!

    A group of students excited about sustaining a contact improv community at Carleton. We hold frequent open contact jams, exchanges with nearby contact improv groups and support each other in exploring and developing our contact improvisation practice.

  • Carleton Graphic

    The Carleton Graphic provides a fun and open space for Carleton students to display their artistic and literary talents through the publication of a comics anthology three times a term.

  • Carleton Handbell Ensemble

    The Carleton Handbell Ensemble is a group of musicians enthusiastic about playing handbells. We welcome everyone in the Carleton community to join, whether or not they have previous handbell experience. At our weekly rehearsals, we practice music from a variety of genres, including classical, Broadway, and popular music. Throughout the year, we perform at chapel services, about once per term, and we put together a full concert every winter and spring.

  • Carleton Hi-Fi Club (CHIFI)

    The Carleton Hi-Fi Club aims to foster the love of music through the appreciation of great-sounding music and the equipment that makes great sound possible. Essentially, we aim to ponder the sonic delights and delicacies hidden deep within all recorded audio media, be they analog or digital, as well as talk about the bleeding edge in stereo sound reproduction. Those interested need not possess an expensive stereo system, they need only the desire to delve deeply into a delicious degustation of divine sound.

  • Carleton Juggling F.I.S.H. (FISH)

    F.I.S.H. is devoted to developing the art of thumbing one's nose at gravity. All skill levels are welcome. Come explore all aspects of the art as well as contribute to new performance pieces focused on advanced technical juggling, movement, and maybe even some theater. Opportunities for performance, community service, and fun abound.

  • Carleton League of Independent Filmmakers (CLIF)

    The Carleton League of Independent Filmmakers provides students access to necessary materials for independent film production. It also aims to support aspiring independent filmmakers by putting them in contact with other interested parties who can help them with their projects, thereby fostering the collaborative aspect of film production here at Carleton.

  • Carleton Players (Players)

    Carleton Players is dedicated to producing and supporting drama at Carleton. Its primary purpose is assisting in the production of Players shows, but its functions extend to the support of other activities. These include sponsoring workshops pertaining to acting or technical theater, trips to off-campus theatrical productions, and other activities related to theater. Carleton Players produces three faculty-directed plays per year. Students become members by participating in three productions in at least two capacities.

  • Carleton Rugcutters (Rugcutters)

    The Rugcutters bring Lindy Hop dancing and culture to the entire Carleton community by offering lessons, workshops, weekly dances, and excursions up to the Cities and beyond.

  • Carleton Singing Knights

    Carleton's oldest all male a cappella group. We're a group of between 8 and 12 guys who sing songs with genres ranging from traditional to pop rock, and give concerts at Carleton and other exotic locales throughout Minnesota.

  • Carleton Slam Poetry Collective (CSPC)

    The mission of the Carleton Slam Poetry Collective (CSPC) is to cultivate an appreciation of spoken word, performance poetry, and slam poetry at Carleton College by creating a safe space for a mixed collective of student writers, poets, and artists during our weekly workshops and events. CSPC also aims to showcase these artist through local and national competition and regularly occurring all-campus open mics. Lastly, CSPC encourages the participation of the local Northfield community by collaborating with the local high school and middle school.

  • Carleton Smash Bros Community (CSBC)

    The Carleton Smash Bros Community seeks to build a community of gaming enthusiasts with an interest pertaining to Super Smash Bros. Through our weekly meetings we will seek to foster a community where players can discuss strategy, increase skill level, or come to play for fun.

  • Carleton Television Network (CTN)

    Carleton Television Network exists to provide the Carleton community with a televised platform for current events, campus news and special interest programming to spread knowledge and encourage discussion. • Our target audience is first and foremost the Carleton College Community; students, alumni, faculty, and families. Our productions are also relevant to both local and global communities. • Carleton Television Network is a volunteer based student run organization

  • Carls' Card

    As the current Carleton community lacks student-made postcards for alumni, perspective students and current students, Carls’ Card is here to provide Carl-made postcards, which publicize and commemorate what it means to attend Carleton.


    For centuries, humans have attempted to translate the mental and physical attributes of our surroundings into tangible representations of the world. In this process of map-making, or cartography, we inevitably encounter a set of questions: how do you define the purpose of the map? How do you decide on the characteristics that will serve your purpose, carefully orchestrating the elements of the map to convey its message to its audience? How do you accomplish simplicity without losing accuracy? In many ways, these questions highlight the intimacy and complexity of cartography; they tell us that maps from the past and present not only reflect human perceptions of physical spaces, but also reflect intimate narratives of a highly personal and creative process. Thus we believe that maps are more about their makers than the places they describe. We present to you Carltography, an organization explores the world through the art of map making. Our purpose is to provide a creative forum for cartographers at Carleton. However, anyone is invited to attend: this club will serve Carleton community members who have an interest in cartography, and more broadly, in the richness of the Carleton community and the world as a whole. Our organization will be a forum for sharing experiences and perspectives of the past, present and the future. We will have regular gatherings, during which we will work on one or more term-long mapping projects. The maps will range from the local to the global, from the mundane to the extraordinary, from shallow to intimate. All of our projects will be shared with the Carleton community, either as art exhibitions or as publications, which will foster a sense of connection with our immediate and distant surroundings.

  • The Cave

    The Cave strives to provide a space for Carleton students to socialize, study, and enjoy entertainment on campus. Whether as a coffee house, special event, or a venue for on campus or off campus bands, the Cave's versatility makes it a place where any student can find something to enjoy.

  • Chelsea 11:17

    CHELSEA 11:17 is an open performance group dedicated to encouraging student writing and performance. We meet every other Friday night at 11:17 in Little Nourse Theater and are open to anyone and everyone on campus who is interested in performing, having their pieces performed, or simply watching. CHELSEA (Creative Handwritten Episodes Lovingly Submitted or Extracted from Ass) provides Carleton students a creative outlet in which to stick their metaphorical forks.

  • Cujokra

    Carleton's oldest comedic troupe, specializing in short-form improv. Carleton's answer to Whose Line. "Cujokra" is a Zulu Prayer meaning "bring us the harvest."

  • DIY

    The purpose of DIY (Do It Yourself) is to bring together students with a common interest in crafting, building, repurposing, and other hand-made projects. Activities include fiber arts, paper arts, sewing, jewelry making, clothing alteration, screen printing, and more. When possible, emphasis will be placed on using recycled materials. The hope is to establish an organized setting for students of any skill level to learn and work on projects alongside each other. We are also interested in organizing community activities with Northfield kids and discussing interesting current art developments. Overall, DIY will provide a creative outlet for students.

  • Drum Collective (DC)

    The purpose of the Drum Collective is to provide, house, oversee, repair, and distribute a drum set that will be open to all students at Carleton for use in campus or local concerts. As the drum set does not belong to any one person because it was bought with donations, this organization is meant to act as an overseer of the set, taking responsibility for its use and ensuring it gets to all that wish to use it. This organization is not concerned with organizing student concerts or creating a group of like-minded drummers (although this will surely happen otherwise), but aims to simply providing equipment that the school does not provide, and ensuring that it is fairly done.

  • Drum Union

    The Drum Union is the organization that represents drummers at Carleton. The main purpose of the organization is to own and maintain the only student drum set on campus. The Drum Union also unites drummers, organizing drummer/drumming events and facilitating communication for bands looking for drummers or vice versa.

  • Exit 69

    Exit 69 is a co-ed a cappella vocal group which performs original arrangements of selections from a variety of musical styles. A sense of humor, creativity and a willingness to be daring are essential for participating in this group. Exit 69 performs throughout community and at out of state competitions.

  • Experimental Dance Board (EDB)

    The primary purpose of EDB is to provide a rigorous but inclusive outlet for student-choreographed works of dance. EDB produces a showcase of student work twice each year (beginning rehearsals in the fall for our winter show) and casts all dancers who audition in at least one piece. EDB also works to provide further dance opportunities for dancers of all levels on campus.

  • Experimental Theater Board (ETB)

    The Experimental Theater Board funds student-directed, produced, and designed theater. It is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to be involved and learn more about theater and the arts by taking part in an all student-run show. We encourage people with any or no experience to participate.

  • Film Society

    Film Society seeks to stimulate, encourage, and sustain Carleton's interest in independent, classic, and foreign film. Screenings are held weekly.

  • Fire Bellies

    To promote understanding of different cultures and backgrounds, international and national, socioeconomic and ethnic, through the universal language of food.

  • Floodlight

    Floodlight will provide an outlet for Carleton students who would like to submit poetry, prose, essays, photography, paintings, films, music or other works of artistic value. The medium, a magazine and website, will be presented with quality to entertain and provoke thought among students (or staff) on and off campus. The focus of the group will be the publication, though. Floodlight does not intend to compete with any other Carleton publication such as the Lens or the Carletonian. Student interest has lead to the creation of Floodlight and we feel it will be well-respected as the other publications on campus have.

  • Fluxus Festivus

    The Fluxus performance art movement began in the early 1960s, largely inspired by the compositions of John Cage and the art of Marcel Duchamp. Its goal was to bring heightened awareness and contemplation to the bits of art in our everyday life through the performance of absurd actions that call into question the ways in which we interact with the world around us. Performances are described in succinct, often cryptic 'event scores'(such as Ben Vautier's Wet in which "Performers throw wet objects into the audience") that in their absurdity convey humor, liberation, and a wonderful feeling of purposelessness. More than the events, however, Fluxus is about ceasing to be a passive viewer to one's own life. It is actively contemplating the objects, sounds, feelings, people and actions that constantly surround us and that we often take for granted.

  • Folk Music Society

    The Folk Music Society exists to promote local interest in folk music by sponsoring performances and participation events throughout the year and to act as a resource and contact point for performances and listeners. The primary activity run by Folk Music Society is Pickin' 'n' Grinnin', a weekly meeting where members and visitors gather to sing and drink tea or hot chocolate.

  • Gaming Club (CCGC)

    We support Carleton's gaming community by holding console, PC, and board game/pen-and-paper events. Our list is also used to coordinate informal games between members. Competitive and casual play are held with equal merit. Events are open to all Carleton students.

  • The Gender Neutral Cheerboys (Cheerboys)

    The Gender Neutral Cheer Boys is an organization dedicated to the promotion of school spirit at Carleton College athletic events. In the spirit of Carleton, we strive to provide an atmosphere of quirky fun at sporting events, while keeping the crowd both entertained and focused on cheering for the Knights. We paint ourselves maize and blue and engage our fans with creative chants and songs. At football games, we run a lap around the Laird Stadium track for each touchdown that the Knights score, and do push-ups to keep track of the number of points the Knights have accumulated.

  • Hill o Three Oaks Brewery

    The Hill o' Three Oaks Brewery is committed to instilling in its members, and in members of the Carleton community at large, a greater appreciation for the culinary craft of beer-making. In the interest of cultivating and healthier relationship with alcohol, members will participate in the thought- and energy-intensive process of brewing. Once the beer has been fermented, the (of age) members will indulge in great food, company and beer, savoring every last drop.

  • Honking Knights (Pep Band)

    The Carleton Pep Band serves to provide a student-led band to play at Carleton Football and Basketball home sporting events. We will bring Carleton spirit as well as a place for musicians of any skill level to play a variety of Pop and Jazz tunes from across the decades. Our practices will focus on optimizing music for performances at games.

  • Improv Music And Theatre Ensemble (IMATE)

    IMATE, or Improv Music And Theatre Ensemble, exists so that students can enjoy our unique combination of long-form and musical improv. Our shows range from improvised songs and improvised musical scenes to full improvised shows. This group requires no auditions or previous experience to join, however, all members must come to all rehearsals (unless another legitimate conflict prevents them - for instance, a campus job). For more information, check out our web site: We'll see you onstage.

  • Indigenous Peoples Alliance (IPA)

    Indigenous Peoples Alliance (IPA) is a community at Carleton College that serves the function of providing students who identify with an indigenous group or have an interest in indigenous cultures a safe environment to learn what it means to be indigenous through exposure to cultural ceremonies and practices, food, language, community engagement, and social discussion.

  • Intertwining Melodies (IM)

    Intertwining Melodies is an a capella group that was founded to bring a unique and different sound to Carleton's a capella scene. We sing primarily R&B and hip-hop, although we do not limit ourselves to a specific genre.

  • Just Cellin' (Carleton Cello Choir)

    Just Cellin’ is an all-cello ensemble, comprised of Carleton student musicians. As a group, we play a variety of arrangements of both classical pieces and popular songs. We are open to perform at different events at Carleton, including—but not limited to—“open mic” concerts at Sayles and an end-of-term performance. Our purposes are to encourage fellowship between people of similar interests and talents and, most importantly, to share the gift of music with the student body. We, as both an ensemble and part of the student populace ourselves, believe that music has the ability to create an environment of both comfort and cheer, a source of relief from the rigors of Carleton’s prestigious learning environment. Also, cellos are, quite simply, awesome.

  • Knightingales

    The Knightingales are an all-female a cappella group, the second oldest on campus after the Carleton Singing Knights. There are typically ten members with representatives from all class grades, who share a range of interests and are involved on campus in everything from rugby to the Carletonian. Their music covers many genres, including spirituals and traditional songs and the work of contemporary artists such as Jewel and Jason Mraz. Practices are held regularly three times a week, and performances at least once at the end of every term.

  • Knitting Club

    Knitting club provides a space for people who love to knit or want to learn to get together and collaborate with and learn from other like-minded Carleton knitters. We will host regular knitting circles where people can work on individual projects as well as workshops where beginners can learn to knit and more advanced knitters can learn specific skills.

  • KRLX 88.1 FM

    KRLX is Carleton College's very own student run FM radio station sitting at 88.1 on the radio dial. We provide interested Carleton College students with the opportunity to learn how to operate broadcast equipment and the necessary skills to execute quality radio. Our operational goal is to provide quality and professional radio entertainment and information to our Northfield and Internet audience, including new music, news, sporting events, and campus concerts and functions. KRLX: It's always better on the bottom.

  • Late Night Trivia (LNT)

    For the past 20 years, Late Night Trivia has been Carleton's wildest night of quiz debauchery. Broadcast over KRLX on the first reading day of Winter Term, groups scramble to identify obscure songs, answer complex questions, and complete absurd tasks as delegated, all while attempting to appease the LNT Gods. Legendary prizes and a chance to sign the LNT trophy make it a night to remember.

  • Lenny Dee Players (Dee)

    Lenny Dee Players is Carleton's premiere sketch comedy group on Carleton's campus. After we hold auditions in the fall, each term, we write, edit, direct, and perform between 15 and 17 comedic sketches in Little Nourse Theater. The purpose of our group is to provide students with an outlet to write, perform, and enjoy sketch comedy, allowing non-members of Dee to view our work three times a term. Lenny Dee brings the funny.

  • The Lens

    The Lens is a nationally distributed magazine featuring high quality interdisciplinary writing. Our target audience is students and faculty at the undergraduate level. Similar publications in terms of content and design include The New Yorker and The New York Times Magazine. We plan to distribute two issues during the school year. Typical articles are three to four pages in length double-spaced and emphasize analysis and/or research. We look to investigate national issues as well as explore problems and insights that are specific to the Carleton community. Articles in The Lens attempt to burst the “Carleton bubble,” connecting our campus to the outside world.' The Lens fills a specific need on campus and does not intended to compete with The Carletonian or other campus publications. To our knowledge, there does not exist another nationally distributed undergraduate magazine of politics and culture. Our bi-yearly publication also allows for a long, focused editorial process, giving writers, editors and designers the opportunity to plunge in-depth into long form journalism. This kind of editing and writing is unique for Carleton publications and we believe that Carleton students want to read and produce it.

  • Manuscript

    The Manuscript is Carleton's student-run literary and art journal; our purpose is to provide a platform for student writers and artists to share their work, and to allow the Carleton community a glimpse of their peers’ creations. We accept submissions of just about any kind of writing and two-dimensional artwork (poetry, fiction, essays, photographs, paintings, drawings, photos of multimedia work, etc.).

  • Mosaic of South Asian Interests at Carleton (MOSAIC)

    MOSAIC seeks to nurture a South Asian society on campus. In addition to regular community activities such as a radio show, movie screenings and celebrations of festivals, we explore contemporary political, cultural, and social issues of South Asia.

  • No Fidelity (NoFi)

    No Fidelity is Carleton's first and only music magazine, created in Spring of 2014. Published three times per term, the zine contains content from students and sometimes featured columnists in the form of prose, poetry, photography, illustration, etc. We cover both local and global music with a special emphasis on writing from a personal perspective. Along with KRLX and The Cave, NoFi spreads musical awareness on campus, giving students the ability to express themselves and share their stories. We always welcome new participants to write, edit, illustrate, format, and design our zine.

  • Photography Cooperative (Photo Co-Op)

    The purpose of the Photography Cooperative is to provide a forum for Carleton students to discuss, share, learn and practice the art of photography in a supportive environment. The Photo Co-Op encourages the use of photography as a medium through which we can communicate ideas with ourselves and others. In doing so we seek to enhance the Carleton community through artistic growth and fulfilment.

  • Queens of Comedy (QoC)

    The Queens are the first and only stand-up comedy group at Carleton. Weekly meetings provide support in developing new stand-up material and the group performs two entirely new shows every term. Try-outs are held in the fall.

  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Alliance (SFA)

    The Science Fiction and Fantasy Alliance promotes the appreciation of speculative fiction in its many forms. We meet weekly to watch classic and current sci-fi and fantasy television shows and have many other events throughout the year. We also maintain a large collection of books, videos and DVDs in our lending library. Any member of the CSA is permitted to check out these materials. Our library and most of our events are located in Benton House (on the corner of 2nd and Winona).

  • Social Dance Club (SDC)

    The Social Dance Club gives students a place to learn and practice dances like Waltz, Tango, Fox Trot, Cha Cha and Rumba. We have a fun and informal atmosphere and welcome all skill levels. We also seek to bring exciting workshops to campus, and introduce people to off-campus dance opportunities.

  • Student Band Union (SBU)

    The purpose of the Student Band Union is to provide for, maintain, furnish, and control access to equipment that student bands may use for practice and gigs. This equipment includes amps, cords, and mics as well as a mobile drum set. The president of the SBU is responsible for keeping the group organized and aware of how the group should function. Membership is comprised of student bands, and there is an online scheduled sign up system to ensure equal access. This equipment is also used for the various concerts at Carleton, such as those in the Cave, Fall Concert, and Spring Concert. The SBU members are responsible for ensuring this equipment returns undamaged, and will account for any mishandling.

  • Student Musical Theatre (SMT)

    Student Musical Theatre is dedicated to producing high quality musicals. Our plays are student directed, choreographed, conducted; we rehearse singers, build sets, etc. We produce two musicals a year; usually a smaller musical in the fall, a larger production in the spring, and sometimes a Spring Musical Revue. The organization combines the talents of students from departments and other extracurricular programs that span the disciplines of theater, music, dance, and the visual arts.

  • Student Union Movie Organization (SUMO)

    SUMO provides top of the line cinematic entertainment to the Carleton community every weekend. Movies run Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 & 11:00 PM (unless posted otherwise). For more information about SUMO, visit us at our website.

  • Synchrony II

    The purpose of Ebony II is to offer all interested students (regardless of previous dance experience) an opportunity to express themselves through dance, choreography, and dance production. Members have the chance to participate in weekly group rehearsals and in large-scale performances, as well as share their dance and production experience with the local community.

  • Tamarind

    The purpose of the organization is to teach, learn and perform South Asian dance styles. This is a dance group, that will choreograph and arrange its own dance performances.

  • Technology and Art (Tart)

    Tart: Technology & Art is a new club at Carleton. Tart brings together people interested in technology &/or art. People can share ideas and projects ranging from music to movies, from drawing to photography and everything in-between. There will be club workshops so that members can show other members how do what they have done, from Photoshop to 3d design to movie making. As for the Tarts, we will try to have sweet, pop and all others at each meeting.

  • TED@Carleton

    TED@Carleton will seek to inspire students through the TED organization and will meet weekly to watch and discuss TED talks. The club will also serve as a planning committee for the TEDxCarleton event on October 12, 2013.

  • West Coast Swing Club (WCS Club)

    The West Coast Swing Club’s mission is to provide Carleton students with a place to learn, practice and enjoy the partner dance West Coast Swing (WCS). Our goal is to offer an informal and fun atmosphere that welcomes all skill levels, especially beginners, while providing a continual input of new material and instruction for more advanced dancers. In addition, the West Coast Swing Club seeks to bring WCS instructors to campus for all-campus lessons, to organize trips to the Cities for workshops and social dances, and to inform and introduce students to off-campus WCS opportunities nationally and internationally.

  • Whoa! Hip-Hop Dance Company (Whoa!)

    The purpose of Whoa! Hip-Hop Dance Company (Whoa!) is to provide the Carleton community with an outlet of expression through the art of Hip-Hop dance. While there are other venues for dance on campus, Whoa! fills a void that exists in the community of selective dance companies. Whoa! is a 100% student-run company that allows for the practice and performance of non-classical folk and concert styles of Hip-Hop dance. In addition to providing a place for perfecting one’s technique and abilities in the comprehensive elements of Hip-Hop dance, Whoa! will have at least three performances a year in addition to other informal appearances throughout each term.