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Chairs of committees may rotate after 1 Year

Administrative Committee – Chair: Gerald Young (Athletic Director / PEAR Dept. Chair), Heidi Jaynes (Assoc. Athletic Director/SWA), Mikki Showers (Recreation Director), Andy Clark (PE Coordinator – 3 yr position)

  • Charged with setting department priorities and policies
  • Strategic planning for the department

Curriculum Committee – Chair: Andy Clark, Gerald Young, Amy Erickson, Linda Luedke, Keren Gudeman, Donna Ricks

  • Managing the PEAR curriculum
  • Approval of new/dropped PE classes 
  • Carleton assessment initiative

Recruiting Committee – Chair: Aaron Rushing, Cassie Kosiba, Kurt Ramler, Aaron Rushing, Bob Carlson, Heidi Jaynes, Eric Sieger

  • Prioritize concerns from the department
  • Organize summer “recruiting meeting”
  • Create collaborating ideas for admissions/PEAR
  • Create “in-service” training for all coaches

Facilities Committee – Chair: Mikki Showers, Gerald Young, Bob Carlson, Andy Clark, Kurt Ramler, Amy Erickson, Heidi Jaynes

  • Assemble facilities needs
  • Discuss student worker best practices

Cost Containment Committee – Chair: Dave Ricks, Keren Gudeman, Luciano Battaglini, Heidi Jaynes, Aaron Rushing, Guy Kalland

  • Present best practice ideas to the department regarding travel, food costs, etc.
  • Accumulate ideas for collaboration with other avenues on campus (grants, etc.)

Campus Committees - at least once a term, Department members will be asked to give a brief updates regarding the Carleton Campus Committees that they are a part of.

Areas covered by administration:

Gerald – sponsorship, liaison with Dean’s office, budgets, NCAA/MIAC compliance, game management

Heidi – publications/sports info liaison, admissions, SAAC, NCAA/MIAC compliance, game management

Linda – coordinates PE student instructors, VISA statements, PEAR Zimbra calendar, NCAA/MIAC roster management, office supplies ordering