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Coaches are ultimately responsible for the scheduling of competitions.  Be sure to work closely with the Athletic Director on this as he will be signing the contracts that you will need to exchange with the opposing non-conference schools.

• Head coaches must submit their contest schedule to the Athletic Director by February 1 (Fall Sports) or August 1 (Winter and Spring Sports)

• Head coaches must submit their practice schedule to the Athletic Director prior to the start of their season.  Fall sports by July 1, winter sports by September 1 and Spring sports by November 1.

• Once your schedule is completed, send a copy to every opposing team with the common match highlighted.  This will serve as a final check for accuracy of times, dates and sites.

• If you change a conference contest make to use the MIAC Schedule Change form.

• All teachers must submit their class schedule request to the Chair of Physical Education by March 1 of the previous academic year.

• All club sport captains must submit their contest and practice schedule requests to the Recreation Director by the end of the term preceding their competitive season.

Scheduling Priorities


1.     Physical Education Class Schedule with consideration given to saving a block of time from 3:30-8 P.M., in all facilities, for varsity practice purposes.

2.     Conference contests take priority.  Contest schedules must be submitted as follow:  Fall season by February 1, winter season and spring season by August 1.

3.     To be considered a priority these schedules must be submitted as follow:  Fall seasons by July 1, Winter seasons by September 1, and spring seasons by November 1.  Indoor varsity teams take priority over outdoor varsity teams when it comes to scheduling of indoor facilities.

4.     Physical Education Classes which meet in late afternoon or evenings.

5.     Club contest schedules.  Must be submitted to the Recreational Director one month prior to the start of their season to be considered a priority.

6.     Intramural schedule.

7.     Club practice schedules.  Indoor club teams take priority over outdoor club when it comes to use of indoor facilities.

FIELD HOUSE (Recreation Center)

Athletics: Exclusive use of the field house should be kept to a  minimum.  When possible portions of all activity areas should be available for open recreation (i.e. one court). 


Intramural:  scheduling will be in the evenings, Sunday to  Thursday between 6pm-11pm.  Open recreation space will be  maintained during IM activities.


Club Sports:  Team practices and competition will take place in  the evening Sunday-Thursday in the evening between 6pm-11pm.   Weekend use is restricted to off-peak hours.  Open recreation  space will be maintained during Club activities.

Once schedules have been approved, any changes must go through the Mikki Showers at the Recreation Center.  She will notify the trainers, security, custodial services and the shop of any change in the regular schedule.  Requests for change will not be automatically approved but are subject to priority and availability of facilities (i.e. varsity practice change when another group has already scheduled the facility).