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Profiles of coaches and student athletes

Coach Profile: Eric Sieger

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What’s your coaching style?
My coaching style is to try and bring out the best golfer and best person inside each of my players. We try to do this by exploring all parts of our selves and our game and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, we very much pay attention to the fundamentals of the game, but the technical is only a part of the game. Much like Carleton, we try to attend to the entire student and the entire game to develop into the best "self" we can be.

How do your student athletes balance sports and academics/other activities at Carleton?
Our players have been able to balance golf and academics with a high success rate in both during my tenure. We've had 11 scholar all-americans in the last four years and we've been one of only four programs to earn the coaches' association's team academic awards the last three years, regardless of division. The way we set up our practice and competitive schedule makes success in both areas very achievable.

What are your goals for the program?
Like anyone else, we want to get to the highest level possible, and for us that would be the NCAA Championships. I like to say that our kids work just as hard and as intensely as any other college golf program, we just do it within a framework that places academics in front of golf. But when we're working on our games or competing, I know that our full attention is on the task at hand and for those two hours of practice or four hours of competing, we're college golfers, period.