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Profiles of coaches and student athletes

Student-Athlete Profile: Louise Buckler '11

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What's the best part about Carleton Golf?
My favorite part about being on the Carleton golf team is that it's not just about playing golf. Some of the strongest memories I have are the dinners we ate together after matches and the sometimes crowded van rides we endured to and from tournaments. I like that we take our golf seriously but that we put in the effort to make sure we're having fun too.

Why did you decide to attend Carleton?
I picked Carleton because I liked the strong sense of community that you can feel as soon as you step onto the campus. I also wanted to go to a college where I could participate in sports and still be able to dedicate myself in the classroom.

What would you tell a high-school player who is interested in Carleton?
For golfers who are interested in Carleton, know that you're going to have to work hard, both on the course and on your schoolwork, but know that you will definitely have fun doing both. Also, know that while on campus, you will witness some of the most obese squirrels known to man!