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Profiles of coaches and student athletes

Student-Athlete Profile: Thaddaeus Gregory '15

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why did you decide to come to Carleton?

I chose Carleton mainly because of the people. When I visited here I was amazed about how nice, friendly, and supportive everyone was, and the overall collaborative atmosphere. Furthermore, I readily apparent that everyone was smart, but didn’t take themselves too seriously.

What have been some of the differences between college and high school sports?

I came from a school that was terrible at baseball. For me the greatest difference between high school and college ball is the amount of confidence one needs to maintain both in themselves and in the team. It took a while for me to actually believe that I was good enough to play alongside my teammates and to trust my abilities. The second difference is the commitment. I find that in college I not only play and practice baseball, but I study it too. The best players on the diamond are not always the most athletically gifted, but rather are often the most knowledgeable about the game.

How do you balance academics, sports, and other activities?

At Carleton I participate in sports and music, along with my normal academic duties. The best way I balance everything is to have a routine and stick to it. I’ve found that as long as I am responsible with my free time, I don’t have troubles fitting everything in my schedule. Furthermore, if I am worried about the due date of an assignment or the busyness of my schedule I make sure to be vocal with my professors and with coach. Everyone is more than willing to help if you let them know your situation.

What is a regular day like for you during your season?

During the season we all eat at 4:45 in the cafeteria closest to the field. We get to the rec center about 30 minutes before practice to dress and make sure we’re good to go. Practice goes from about 6 to 8:30 depending on what we’re doing for the day. After practice, depending on the schedule, I’ll ice my arm and then retire to my room to do homework and relax. During the season lifting is always encouraged so three times a week, in the morning or around noon, I’ll try to lift.

What are some of your team's traditions?

The team is really fun and we have a good time during practice, games, and outside of baseball. We give everyone nicknames, which may change as we get to know people better, which are generally fun. During games we “shoot doubles” meaning when someone hits a double our entire dugout shoots arrows at them and he shoots back. Traditions also include a ton of out of baseball group fun, including dinners and games.

What are some of your favorite moments from playing baseball at Carleton?

I’ve had a ton of fun playing at Carleton. My favorite moments have been throwing a complete game shutout, getting a complete game win in my first league start, and getting two wins in three days. Also, every year we have gone down to Tucson to play some spring training games, which always entails a ton of fun.

What is your favorite thing about Carleton?

My favorite things about Carleton are the people and the atmosphere. The people here are really smart, nice and willing to go out of their way to help others. Such an occurrence is rare to find anywhere. I’ve met people here from all over the world and with so many different and great experiences. It’s been a great environment for me to learn and grow in.

What would you say to a high school student-athlete considering Carleton?

Carleton will provide you with both an excellent education and an excellent team. Academically Carleton will meet all of your aspirations and help you prepare for whatever you want to do after college. Athletically, the team here is a great group of guys who are competitive but love to have fun. We have a great coaching staff who have greatly helped me grow and become a better player, and a great team that pushes you to always keep improving and get better. Overall, it’s a wonderful place to go to school and play ball.

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