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Michael Tolan

Michael Tolan

  • Class Year: Sr.
  • Hometown: Saint Louis, Mo.
  • High School: John Burroughs
  • Position:
  • Height:
  • Major:

Additional Information

Parents' Names: Joe and Anne
H.S. Team's Nickname: Bombers
H.S. Coach: Christine Bugnitz
H.S. Conference: ABC League
Hobbies: Civil War re-enactments, Keeping the dream alive
Athlete I Most Admire: Kian Flynn
Post-school ambition: To keep the dream alive
Favorite Book: The Official Rock Paper Scissors Handguide
Person Who Had the Most Influence on My Career:Mark McGwire
Favorite Food: Southern cooking
Favorite Movies: The Room, The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension
Favorite Vacation Spot: Iron Bridge
My Greatest Sports Moment: The Boonie Boonie Challenge