Studio Art

Art Department Classes utilizing the Arboretum

ARTS 110. Observational Drawing A beginning course for non-majors and for those who contemplate majoring in art. The aim of the course is to give the student an appreciation of art and of drawing. An understanding of aesthetic values and development of technical skills are achieved through a series of studio problems which naturally follow one another and deal with the analysis and use of line, shape, volume, space, and tone. A wide range of subjects are used, including still life, landscape and the human figure.

 ARTS 113. Field Drawing A beginning drawing course for science students and others who are interested in developing their skills in drawing from nature. Much of the classwork will be done outdoors and deal directly with drawing from plant forms, geological sources, and the landscape as subjects. Emphasis will be placed on the development of the technical skills needed for visual note-taking and development of journals. Problems will deal with the analysis of space and objects through line, shape, volume, and tone.

ARTS 322. Sculpture: Form and Context This course is an expasion on our exploration of sculpture--further developing the studio based investigation of Arts 122 while adding interior and exterior site specific installation, robotics, and digital media, to the range of possibilities.

ARTS 338. Advanced Photo: Color Photography This course is a continuation of Photography I, focusing on color theory, printing and advanced problem solving in both the color and black and white labs. Assignments are more experimental in nature addressing the fabricated image and photomontage. We will view a broad range of work from contemporary artists, including; mixed media and installation.

Studio Art Comprehensive Exercises The studio comps consists of an independent studio project which runs from the beginning of fall term through an exhibition in the Perlman Teaching Museum in the second half of spring term.

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