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Linda Rossi

University of Minnesota, B.F.A., Cranbrook Academy of Art, M.F.A.

Linda Rossi teaches photography, digital photography and the Junior Seminar Critical Issues in Contemporary Art. Her work is primarily in large-scale photo installation including video and sculpture to illuminate both historical and current issues. She has received numerous Jerome, McKnight and Minnesota State Arts grants. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including the Strogonvo Palace, Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia and the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in Iran.

Her work can be viewed in the permanent collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Linda Rossi's Art Gallery Exhibition Sound Suspended

A recent focus of Linda's work is the role biological and evolutionary factors play in our perception of beauty. If a photograph is of an invasive species, but it looks beautiful, is it still a beautiful photograph even though the subject is unpleasant?

Linda also encourages her students to take full advantage of the Arb. In one class, her students had to "attach" to a particular tree in the Arb and photograph it throughout the seasons. The purpose of that activity was to help students connect to the natural world. 

One thing Linda appreciates about the Arb is the fact that it is right outside your door. You're surrounded by something that you know is important, by something that is in the process of being returned to it's absolute natural state. There is a sense of intimacy established with the Arb that you wouldn't get from visiting just any old forest or prairie. 

Not only does Linda use the Arb as the subject of her work, she also uses it for inspiration and encourages students to do the same. It's profoundly imaginative, in that in being isolated from culture and structure, ideas are free to flow through you and be explored.