Spring Birds

Before the trees have fully leafed out this spring, take advantage of the improved visibility to spot birds.  The arb is a breeding destination for many species, and serves as temporary way point for a large number of additional migratory species.  Look for migrating waterfowl on Lyman Lakes and the Cannon River in late March and April. Spring warblers are abundant in May along the river trail, in the floodplain forest, in Best Woods and near Spring Creek in the Upper Arb



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Barred Owl
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Pied-billed Grebe
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Killdeer (Charadrias vociferus) The killdeer is the most abundant plover in North America, due in part to its willingness to inhabit anthropomorphic landscapes. It is well-known for its habit of luring potential predators away from its nest by feigning a broken wing, as well as for its shrill call “kill-deer, kill-deer, kill-deer.”


Dan Tallman


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