Early Spring Wildflowers

Early Spring wildflowers, spring ephemerals, carpet the ground with white in forested areas of the Lower and Upper Arb from April to early May. Good places to see spring ephemerals are Stork Forest in the Upper Arb, Best Woods in the Lower Arb and the entrance to the Lower Arb near the tennis courts (refer to the Arb Map). These flowers will only last a few weeks and even the foliage of some dies back before summer, hence the term ephemeral.


Wild Ginger

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Wild Ginger

Asarum canadense or Wild Ginger is a common spring wildflower in the Arb, blooming from mid April to early May in wooded areas. Stork Forest, Best Woods are good places to find it, and parts of the 1970 Earth Day Forest are covered with Asarum canadense. Heart shapped leaves with conspicuous veins and thick stems covered in white hairs make Asarum canadense easy to identify. The brown to purple flowers are not conspicuous and finding them may require a bit of searching in the leaf litter around the base of the plant.


Andrew Kleinhesselink


wild ginger, Asarum canadense, arb, arboretum
21 April 2005