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Student Naturalists

Student Naturalists 2013-2014 

2013 - 2014 Student Naturalists 

Brandon Valle '14 grew up in Spokane, Washington.  Happy to escape his local pine forests for the more varied prairie, savannah, and deciduous forests of Carleton's arboretum, he enjoys spending time in the Arb and learning its secrets.  He takes particular interest in wildlife management, and what tools or strategies humans can use to restore and modify native lands

Jared Beck '14 grew up in southeastern Wisconsin where he spent much of his childhood outdoors hiking, camping, fishing and exploring nature.  From these experiences and his early fascination with birds, Jared's passion for the natural world developed.  At Carleton, he can often be found wandering around the Arb, searching for interesting wildlife and working to familiarize himself with the native plants.  Jared looks forward to participating in Carleton's restoration projects and continuing to learn about the natural world.

Emma Rapperport
'14 hails from the radically different ecosystem of the California Bay Area chaparral, but was surprised to find that oak savanna also exists in Minnesota. She goes for walks in the Arb several times a week, and is amazed that on a nice misty Saturday morning, she doesn’t see the whole school outside! She is especially interested in learning about the process of restoring the Arb to native prairie and forest. She believes in the importance of educating people about the outdoors so they will protect it.

Maddie Reynolds ‘14 spent her childhood in St. Louis, MO, reading animal stories and watching suburban squirrels.  She is fascinated by the relationships between plant species and animal species, and sees these forces of nature as inspiration for art, dance, and writing. The Carleton Arb has provided her with a tranquil hideaway, a place for friendly conversations, and a great spot to seek out critters and familiar plants. Maddie can’t wait to learn more about the restoration projects Carleton uses to preserve the ecological integrity of this beautiful swath of nature.

Callum McCulloch '15 grew up in the tall redwoods of the California Coast. He found his passion for natural history observing four ton Elephant Seals on the local beach, admiring the high nests of Great Horned Owls, and appreciating wild edible plants. More recently, he is excited for the reintroduction of Bald Eagles into his home county this year. He worked on Arb crew from 2011 to 2012 and conducted seed research in the Winter of 2012 for the Arboretum Office. In his free time, he likes to explore the Arboretum to glean how distinct habitats change through Minnesota's drastic seasons. Callum strives to reduce the dichotomy between people and nature through responsible re-inhabitation of the land and sustainable farming practices.

Marie Schaedel '15 was towed along on hiking and birdwatching ventures by her enthusiastic mother as a child. She eventually came to the realization that these once dreaded outings instilled an appreciation of nature and its inhabitants. She now plans to major in biology in order to study plants professionally. Marie grew up in a small suburb north of Chicago and chose to attend Carleton primarily because she fell in love with the Arb during her first visit to campus. Marie enjoys cross-country skiing, running in the Arb, and watching British television.

Emily Buckner ’15 grew up in Seattle, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. She developed a love for all things outdoors from her numerous adventures hiking, biking, backpacking, canoeing, bird watching, and camping with family and friends. She has found that the Arb is a wonderful place to escape to when faced with the stresses of college life, or just the desire to get outdoors, and is eager to learn about its ecology as a student naturalist.

Anna Persmark '15 grew up playing in creeks, exploring the woods, hiking, and backpacking. As a member of the cross country and track teams, she loves running in the Arb, and also enjoys cross country skiing and long wanders. As a native of Eugene, OR, the prairie is a refreshing change from the rainy coniferous forests. Anna looks forward to finding turtles and frogs and generally learning more about the wildlife of the Arboretum.

Darcy Mishkind ’16 grew up surrounded by the beautiful green mountains of Vermont. She spent much of her youth exploring the woods, building forts, and learning bits and pieces about native species. She was immediately drawn to the distinctly different ecosystem of the Carleton arb, and has spent many happy hours exploring its prairies and forested lands. In particular, she is looking forward to learning more about the birds found there and better understanding its distinctive habitats.

Forrest Williams ’16 grew up in rural Northern Lower Michigan where he spent much of his childhood playing in the woods and learning about the importance of living symbiotically with the land. From an early age he grew to love nature by going out on tree identification expeditions, cutting wood for the winter months, and working on his family’s small organic farm. Forrest first fell in love with the Arb by running across its beautiful open landscape. He now spends a large portion of his time in the Arb helping the Arb Crew restore and protect the parries, and seeking respite from the fast pace of life. Forrest is interested in the role species play in ecosystems and the slow, yet inevitable, way in which the natural world transforms itself.

Victoria Rachmaninoff ’16
grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, where nature is often far away. As a prospective student, she was lucky enough to go on a cold winter morning walk in the arboretum over glistening trails of snow and was sure that Carleton was the place for her.  At Carleton, she has continued to cultivate her love of the outdoors and spends much of her free time listening to the sound of the creek, the songs of birds, and the crunch of her footsteps while exploring the far corners of the arboretum. This year, Victoria is very excited to be part of the Student Naturalist program to get to learn more about the arboretum and share her love for this Carleton treasure with her fellow classmates.

Cam Shorb '16 came of age as a naturalist in suburban New Jersey, where he learned to find wildness in unlikely places: groundhog dens by the playground, a broad-winged hawk soaring above manicured lawns, and once, a black bear in a small wooded lot.  Moving to semi-rural Massachusetts gave him much more woodland and wetland to explore.  Cam's interests include tracking, birding, pre-Columbian uses of natural resources, conservation, and habitat restoration.  He has worked in nature education and land management.  As a Student Naturalist, he is excited to learn more about Minnesota ecosystems and to share his love of the Arb and its mission.