Student Naturalists

2015-2016 Student Naturalists

2015 - 2016 Student Naturalists 


Alex Bynum ’18 was raised amongst the hills and farms of central Vermont. He loved exploring the rivers, damming up streams, and wandering through the calming forests of his own backyard. His passion for learning about nature was sparked on a small farm in Vershire, Vermont, where he completed a project detailing the natural history of a small section of forest. At Carleton, he hopes to search out the clues that point towards what happened in the Arboretum’s history and share them with the broader community. 

Rachel Cheung '17 grew up in Chicago, where she worked with non-profit groups that implemented educational urban agricultural programs. She cultivated her love for wildlife by exploring microcosms of nature in the city, such as Illinois preserves, community gardens, and conservatories, so she was immediately astonished by the sheer size and diversity of the arboretum. Excited to be able to further explore the arboretum, she is especially interested in learning more about the unique ecosystems that coexist in the arboretum and educational efforts to connect humans to nature.

Clara Hazlett-Norman '19 hails from the lush forests of North Carolina where she spent much of her childhood backpacking, kayaking, climbing, catching crayfish, avoiding ticks, and otherwise exploring the outdoors.  Though at first, Clara missed the dense trees of the east coast, she has slowly fallen in love with wild and wind-whipped prairies and oak savannas of Southern Minnesota.  She was part of Arb Crew her Freshman year and loved those afternoons spent restoring the prairie and getting to know the Arb's complex and diverse ecosystem.  She spends much of her free time going for runs in the Arb both to get a breather from the busyness of college life and to reconnect with the natural world.  Clara thinks education is an essential aspect of conservation and is excited to share her exuberance for sustainability, education, and the outdoors as a Naturalist.

Sophia Takemi Kawamoto '18 was raised alongside redwoods and the Pacific Ocean. She discovered her love of nature through running, wandering, swimming, and hiking in Northern California’s many wilderness parks. However, it was at a natural science camp in the Appalachian foothills that Takemi began to study the natural world. It was here she developed her passions for backpacking, butterflies, and water coloring. At Carleton, she hopes to spread excitement and knowledge about the Arb! 

Sylvie Stanback '18 grew up in Davidson, North Carolina, in a family of biologists.  As a child, she learned to name all the birds in her yard, flip rocks for bugs with her big brother, and ask TONS of questions.  When she was a little older, she went to camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and set out to learn about the all plants and animals she could find.  The Carleton Arb is a mix of the dense forests she knows and loves, and the prairie, an environment she hasn't gotten to explore much yet.  She can't wait to learn about all the new species of plants an animals she will find in it.  Sylvie will be an art major, and can often be found doing way too many extracurriculars, geeking out over tv shows and movies, and watching birds.  

Keaton Tremble '17 grew up in the never ending forests of Northern Idaho. Being surrounded by mountains, his first loves were skiing the gorgeous winters and hiking the endless ridge tops. Keaton got to know the arb by working with the arboretum crew and spending countless hours pulling invasive buck-thorn. He sees the arb as a sort of retreat from the endless prairies and a little reminder of the forests back home. Keaton hopes to create more awareness about the arb, and invite others to discover their own special corner of the Arb.

Emma Velis '17 was raised exploring the beautiful sand dunes, beaches, and forests of Northern Michigan. With friends and family, she has enjoyed countless expeditions hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, and more in her beloved National Park. Here at Carleton, being a part of Student Naturalists has allowed Emma the opportunity to better appreciate the beauty of Minnesota as she becomes more familiar with the plants and creatures of the Arboretum. Emma relishes any time in the Arb, and she is always looking for new ways to enjoy the outdoors.