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Plants and Animals

  • Fauna

    The Arboretum is home to a diverse assemblage of animals. Lists are of birds, ants, reptiles, mussels, butterflies, fish, and mammals.
  • Flora

    Species are organized alphabetically by families, and then genus and species. Common names are provided, and information is given on location observed.
  • Fungi

    The following is a far from complete list of the macrofungi of the arb. Species are arranged alphabetically by genus, then species. Each species name is followed by the authority (vital in the complex and ever-changing realm of fungal taxonomy) and then a common name if there is one.
  • Invasive Nonnatives

    Overview page for Invasive Nonnative plant species with links to individual problem species found in Cowling Arboretum, and with links to other general sites on invasive species.