Visit the Speakeasy in Libe 314

The Speakeasy offers assistance with student presentations, comps talks, and even speech-related events unrelated to coursework. Groups and individuals are welcome.

Spring 2014 Hours:

  • Monday 3:30pm-6:30pm (Diana)
  • Monday 7pm-9pm (Chad)
  • Wednesday 7pm-9pm (Chad)

Appointments outside regular office hours may be scheduled at mutually convenient times, as well.  Please contact Diana or Chad well in advance to make arrangements.

During a typical tutoring session, and depending on your self-identified needs, your coach can assist you with the following speech and communication skills, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • articulation
  • projection
  • body language
  • eye contact
  • command of material
  • effective use of aids (notes, PowerPoint, etc.)

Again, depending on the kind of assistance you'd like, coaches may also work with you on the content of the presentation. Many of the elements of good writing make for good speeches: substantive assistance will focus on organization, voice, clarity, and, ultimately, persuasive impact. Students will leave tutoring sessions with refined skills and greater confidence.

Diana Fraser (’14) competed in Declamation and Original Oratory on her high school speech team for five years. She qualified for and competed in national tournaments during her freshman, sophomore, and junior years and was ranked nationally during the latter.  She also participated in Model UN conferences for three years of high school and trained teammates on public speaking techniques.

Chad Stevenson (’16) participated in theater for seven years and is used to speaking in front of large audiences. Many of the skills he learned as an actor have translated into successful public speaking techniques. In high school he was one of the inaugural members of the Writing Center. Outside of the classroom he has tutored in many fields including english, math, and history.