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Google Docs
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What is Revision history in Google Docs? How can it help me go back to previous versions or compare two different versions?

If you make a significant change you don't like, Google's auto-save prevents you from just exiting without saving, but you don't have to manually undo everything you did.  Instead, use Revision History.  In the Google Docs menu (not in your browser menu), go to File -> Revision History. 

For documents, click on a version to view it, or check multiple boxes to compare versions.  Once you are viewing one version, you can click "Revert to this version" if you want to go back to it, or you can click "Older" or "Newer" to go to the previous or next saved state.  Google Docs has a frequent auto-save which means that you may have to wade through many saved states to find the one you are looking for, but it should be there.

For presentation, click on a version to view it.

For spreadsheets, you will be viewing the last saved version.  Click "Older" or "Newer" or a specific date from the dropdown menu next to "Older" to view another version.  Click "Revert to this version" to go back to it.

Click "Back to editing" to return to the current version.

Note:  If you have a form and try to use Revision History, only the spreadsheet will change to the previous version.  Changes to the form itself may have to be done individually.

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