Student Activities Programming Board

Program Assistants on the Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB) help create involvement opportunities for students outside the classroom by providing a variety of social, educational, and recreational opportunities designed to enhance campus life throughout the academic year. By so doing, Program Assistants enrich the value of a Carleton education by engaging, supporting and inspiring all students to become active members of their community.

Meet the Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB) 2015-2016

Chairperson & Office Manager  

Sarah Tan

Sarah Tan, '16                                                                                                   

Major: Theater Arts/ Educational Studies

This position is the programmatic lead for all Program Assistants and represents the team in a variety of meetings and outreach activity. As the Chairperson of the Student Activities Programming Board and student Office Manager for the Student Activities Office, this position helps ensure that all other Program Assistants have the necessary information and resources to work effectively and efficiently.

Marketing & Graphic Design

Jillian Banner                                        Lia 2014

Jillian Banner, '17                                    Lia Seradayrian, '16

Major: Cinema and Media Studies, Cinema and Media Studies

This position is responsible for marketing and promoting events coordinated by the Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB) and the Carleton Student Association (CSA). Examples include designing posters, creating banners, submitting text and design advertisements for the noon News Bulletin (NNB), updating websites, submitting all-campus email announcements, etc. In addition, this position supports CSA student organizations seeking promotional guidance.

Outdoor Programs 

Ryan Schloessmann

Ryan Schloessmann '17

Major: Computer Science

This position assists in the development of a progressive and comprehensive outdoor recreation program, paying close attention to well-established programs already active with professional organization such as the Association of College Unions International (ACUI). The outdoor Program will assist existing outdoor student organizations, offer leadership training, and provide students with a variety of safe and engaging outdoor activities and services.


Jordan Lee

Jordan Lee, '18

Major: Undecided

This position is responsible for the production of The Noon News Bulletin (NNB), and The Lagniappe. The NNB is published Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during academic terms and solicits advertisements and announcements from students, staff, faculty, alumni, and other members of the Carleton community. The Lagniappe is Carleton’s official student planner and is created primarily during spring and summer term.

Leadership and Intercultural Programs 

Joshua Reson                                         Melanie Xu               

Joshua Reason, ’17                                 Melanie Xu, ‘17

Major: Latin American Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies/ East Asian Studies

This position serves as the main student lead from the Student Activities Office on topics related to leadership, ethics, communication, networking, civic engagement and creating a welcoming and inclusive campus environment. The Program Assistant works with the Student Activities and CSA organizations to develop and ensure that leadership programs and activities are offered for the campus community.

It also serves as the main student lead from the Student Activities Office on topics related to diversity, cultural awareness, respect, empathy and creating a welcoming and inclusive campus environment. The Program Assistants in this position will work with other departments and CSA organizations to ensure that a diverse selection of programs and activities are offered for the campus community.

Student Union Movie Organization (SUMO) 

Rachel Everett

Rachel Everett, '18

Major: Undecided

This position is responsible for coordinating the Student Union Movie Organization (SUMO) film series, scheduling student projectionists and developing a variety of other film-based events, both on-and-off campus. In addition, this position will work with student organizations in interpreting and abiding by copyright laws and licensing requirements as it relates to showing films on campus.

Emma Hughes                   Claire Tan          

Emma Hughes '16                    Claire Tan ‘18

Projectionists assist the Student Union Movie Organization (SUMO) Program Assistant in soliciting and showing a wide variety of titles. These positions typically work 4-6 hours per week. Night and weekend hours required.

Art & Film

Jane Kelly

Jane Kelly ‘18

Major: Undecided

This position coordinates a variety of Art & Film related programs. Examples of programs coordinated by this position include The Golden Schillers and the the Sayles-Hill Art Display.

Special Events (2 Program Assistants)

Robert Kaylor                                                         sam white

Robert Kaylor '16                                                       Sam White, '16                                

Email:                                     Email:
Major: Political Science/IR/Political Economy          Major: Biology/ European Studies                   

This position coordinates a variety of special events and activities throughout the academic year and allows for a great deal of student input and programmatic flexibility. By collaborating with other departments, the Carleton Student Association, and student organizations, this position capitalizes on the creativity and spontaneity of Carleton students by providing logistical and event planning support. Programs coordinated by this position may include Halloween Concert, live comedy, educational lectures, multicultural programming, break programming, end-of-term study breaks, and working with the Senior Class Officers to coordinate Senior Week.

Music & Dance (3 Program Assistants)

Avery Cheng                             Saehee Lee                             Jennifer Lor

Avery Cheng, ‘18                           Saehee Lee, ‘17                        Jennifer Lor, ‘17

Email:      Email:         Email:
Major: Undecided                          Major: Biology                           Major: History

This position coordinates activities that foster an appreciation of music, dance, and cultural diversity in a variety of genres. By recruiting and involving a committee of student volunteers, this position works collaboratively with departments and student organizations in researching and selecting upcoming dance and musical performances for the Carleton community. Examples of events typically coordinated by these positions include Sayles Dances, Midwinter Ball, Spring Concert, open mic nights, and an afternoon live music series.

Program Assistant/General Manager: The Cave

Nora Gregor
Nora Gregor, ‘16

Major: Cinema and Media Studies 

The General Manager of The Cave is responsible for the overall operation of the oldest student-run pub in the United States. Responsibilities include management of the facility, training and scheduling of student staff and non-student staff bartenders, managing budgets, inventory control, and maintaining compliance of two licenses (the 3.2 Liquor license and The Food & Beverage license). The General Manager routinely updates CSA and reports directly to the Assistant Director of Student Activities.

Event Staff responsibilities include working the counter, preparing and selling menu items, event set-up, cleaning, and assisting with the audio and lighting requirements of performers. Students typically work 3-5 hours per week.

Entertainment & Scheduling: The Cave

Jackson Hudgins

Jackson Hudgins '16

Major: Cinema and Media Studies

The Entertainment & Scheduling position solicits student involvement and contracts both professional and student talent. This position recruits and leads a committee of student volunteers to assist with the selection and implementation of a comprehensive entertainment schedule.

Audio & Lighting: The Cave

Nate Grein

Nate Grein, ‘17

Major: History

The Audio & Lighting Program Assistant is responsible for fulfilling the technical requirements of contracted artists and student performers. This position maintains the Cave’s audio and lighting equipment and requests funding to update or replace equipment as needed. In addition, this position schedules and trains student event staff in managing the sound needs of each performer.