Position Descriptions: Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB)

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All positions are 10 hours per week unless otherwise noted.

Program Assistant, Leadership and Intercultural Programs (Open for 2016-2017)

This position serves as the main student lead from the Student Activities Office on topics related to leadership, involvement, ethics, communication, networking, civic engagement, diversity, cultural awareness, respect, empathy and creating a welcoming and inclusive campus environment. The Program Assistant in this position will work with the Student Activities, CSA organizations and various campus departments to develop and ensure that a diverse selection of leadership and intercultural programs and activities offered for the campus community. The position also act as the central campus resource to help students initiate, plan, fund and achieve their involvement goals, including working collaboratively with the Dean of Students Office in administering the Student Leadership & Involvement Grant.

Program Assistant, Marketing & Graphic Design (Open for 2016-2017)

This position provides marketing and promotional support for a variety of programs and services coordinated by the Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB). This includes the design of logos, posters, table tents, brochures, promotional items, and annual publications. Programs coordinated by these organizations are designed to challenge beliefs, educate others, inspire the individual, entertain the soul, and create a sense of campus community and pride.

Program Assistant, Outdoor Program and CANOE Liaison (Open for 2016-2017)

This position assists in the development of a progressive and comprehensive outdoor recreation program, paying close attention to well established programs already active with professional organizations such as the Association of College Unions International (ACUI). The Outdoor Program will assist existing outdoor student organizations, offer leadership training, and provide students with a variety of safe and engaging outdoor activities and services.

To achieve this goal, this position will collaborate with the Student Activities Office, CSA, and existing student organizations such as CANOE, in planning and implementing trips and workshops, as well as identifying future student services as part of a long-term vision for the Outdoor Program. Programming will occur throughout the academic year, including winter and spring break. Workshop and certification programs may include CPR, Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, winter survival techniques, outdoor cooking, food dehydration techniques, etc.

Program Assistant, Publications and Social Media (Open for 2016-2017)

This position is responsible for the production of The Noon News Bulletin (NNB) and The Lagniappe and the management of all the Student Activities Office social media accounts.  The NNB is published Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during academic terms and solicits advertisements and announcements from students, staff, faculty, alumni, and other members of the Carleton community. The Lagniappe is Carleton’s official student planner and is created primarily during winter and spring. 

Program Assistant, Special Events (Open for 2016-2017)

This position coordinates a variety of special events and activities throughout the academic year and allows for a great deal of student input and programmatic flexibility. By collaborating with other departments, the Carleton Student Association, and student organizations, this position capitalizes on the creativity and spontaneity of Carleton students by providing logistical and event planning support. Programs coordinated by this position may include Metro Access Fund, Halloween, live comedy, end-of-term study breaks, and Senior Week.