Battle of the Bands

Attention student bands! Battle of the Bands wants you!

Battle of the Bands Semifinals - Friday, April 24 - Cave
Battle of the Bands Finals - Saturday, May 9 - The Grand

Any Carleton student bands/groups are able to register for Battle of the Bands. All bands are invited to perform at the first round "semifinals" of the Battle of the Bands held 4th weekend. The top 5-6 bands from this round are then invited to perform at the Grand for the Battle of the Bands finals. The top two bands from finals will open Spring Concert held 8th weekend.

Band Registration

Interested in participating in Battle of the Bands? Click here to register. Please register by Wednesday, April 22 at 5:00 p.m. Contact Cyrus Deloye (deloyec) with any questions.


How will the Battle of the Bands finals be judged?

There will be 2-4 student judges and 3 faculty/staff judges. Each judge is selected based on their musical interest and are not associated with any of the bands performing. At least 2 of the student judges will have also judged the semifinals in order to see the band perform in two different venues with varied audiences.

Judges determine the top 2 bands that will have the opportunity to perform at Carleton's annual Spring Concert. The second place band will open for Spring Concert and the first place band will follow. 

How can students apply to be Battle of the Bands judges?

Students interested in judging Battle of the Bands should complete the form found here.