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Battle of the Bands

The annual "Battle of the Bands" will be held 6th weekend Spring Term: Saturday, May 10 at The Grand, with the top 5-6 bands performing that won the semifinals. 

This annual event is coordinated for Carleton students by Carleton students.  A student ID (OneCard) is required at the entrance of The Grand for everyone. For students that are 21+ choosing to purchase alcohol, a government issued ID is required at the entrance. If you plan to bring a guest, they must be registered here by Friday, May 9 at 5:00 p.m.

Battle Line-Up

Battle of the Bands Finalists:

  • Afrostank
  • Ashantology
  • Brown Sugar Jamal and The Spice Rack
  • Different Animals
  • The Karate Squids
  • Schrodinger's Finch



How will the Battle of the Bands be Judged?

There will be 2-4 student judges and 3 faculty/staff judges.  Each judge is selected based on their musical interest and are not associated with any of the bands performing. At least 2 of the student judges will have also judged the Semifinals in order to see the band perform in two different venues with varied audiences. If you have questions regarding judging, please contact Caroline Lauth (

Judges determine the top 2 bands that will have the opportunity to perform at Carleton's annual Spring Concert. The second place band will open for Spring Concert and the first place band will follow.


Battle of the Bands judges:

  • Andy Flory
  • Hudlin Wagner
  • Julia Strand
  • Halah Mohammed '14
  • Raven Pillmann '16
  • David DeMark '17
  • Alex Tippett '17



Student Band Information

The top bands selected from the Semifinals will perform at the annual Battle of the Bands held on Saturday, May 10 at The Grand.  The top two bands selected at the Battle will perform at Spring Concert on Saturday, May 24, 2014.

Student bands are required to bring all of their own backline for the Semifinals held at The Cave and if you move forward and perform at the Battle of the Bands at The Grand.

An all band meeting held on TBA, at which time the band line-up will be determined for both events and any final equipment details discussed. At least 2 members of each band MUST attend.