Chapel Newsletter Editorial

C H A P E L   N E W S

Winter 2015

Winter Theology

                                                Sometimes I just hate doing the work.
                                                Why does it have to be so hard?
                                                Could someone just please turn on the lights?
                                                Where is everyone?
                                                Do I have to do this myself?
                                                OK, up off the couch.
                                                Where are my slippers?
                                                Ouch, stubbed my toe!
                                                Where’s the light switch?
                                                Is anybody home?
                                                What was that thump?
                                                Oh please just let there be light!
                                                God says, Been there done that. Your turn.
                                                Could you just show me where the light switch is?
                                                I made the sun. You can find a light switch.
                                                How do you know?
                                                I know. I made the sun. I know some things.
                                                Shoot, the bulb is burned out. The only spare I have is 25 watts.
                                                That’ll do. You don’t need as much as you think.
                                                Nice job.

                                                                         Rabbi Shosh Dworsky