Chapel Schedule

Spring Term 2015

May 26

Buddhist Vesak Celebration

Celebration of Buddha's birthday, awakening, and death (Vesak) led by Bhanti Sathi. See Full Event Information for full schedule.

Sunday, May 26th, 2013
2:00 – 7:00 pm / Chapel Main Sanctuary
Buddhist Vesak

Led by Bhante Sathi (a Theravada monk from Sri Lanka), with assistance from Sri Lankan, Tibetan, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and American Monks.

2:00-4:45pm--Meditation Retreat

2.00 Introduction

2.20 Walking meditation

2.45 Guided Meditation

3.15 Teaching

4.00 Walking Meditation

4.15 Q&A

4.45 end

5:00-6:00pm--Buddhist Meditation, Ritual, and Teachings,

     including a Buddha Bath (a Mahayana tradition), Blessing Chanting, a talk about Vesak

6:00pm: Vegetarian soup supper and continued conversation, open to all participants

Sponsored by Chaplain's Office. Contact: Jan Truax, x4003