What are the Consequences?

The full implications and possible consequences of copyright infringement are not always fully understood by those involved.  Some do not realize that downloading or sharing copyrighted materials is illegal, or just don't think of it as such.  Some people realize this shrug it off as "not that illegal".  But the consequences are very real.

  • If you are infringing--even unwittingly--you can be subject to civil damages of between $750 and $150,000 per infringement and even criminal jail time.
  • In response to a qualified DMCA notification of claimed infringement, Carleton may temporarily suspended your network access until such time as the issue is resolved.  In the case of repeat offenses, your case may be referred to the Dean of Students' office for appropriate disciplinary action.
  • If you infringing, even unwittingly, and the copyright owners decide to follow through, you may be subject to civil damages ranging from $750 to $150,000 per infringement.  In extreme cases, you may even be subject to jail time.

Remember that file sharing is not anonymous.  Your Carleton IP address is visible within the file sharing software to those agents monitoring the file sharing networks on behalf of the copyright holders.

More information to follow...