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Meal Plans and Prices

Dining is an integral part of residential life at Carleton and it’s expected that students will eat most of their meals in campus dining halls unless their place of residence allows for a reduced meal plan. Carleton offers flexible meal plans that give students options to eat at East Dining Hall or Burton Dining Hall, or order a la carte at Sayles Café.

To find out what your meal plan options are, visit Meal Plan Options by Residential Location and find your residence hall or house. If your residence does not require a meal plan, it is designated "off board."

Meal plan features and prices can be viewed at 2013-14 Meal Plans.

Meal plans may only be used by the student whose name is on the OneCard; they are not transferable. There are no reimbursements for remaining balances at any time. Meal plans are active only when students are enrolled full time on campus.


Summer meal plans will be offered in 2013 for the first time at Carleton. These plans are primarily for students living on campus during the summer, but any student or employee may purchase them. Find all the details by clicking here.


First Year Students
All first year students are required to be on the 20 meal plan for fall term. After fall term, first year students may choose to stay on the 20 meal plan or switch to the 12 meal plan. If you prefer the 12 meal plan, go The Hub to change your meal plan assignment. The deadline for changing meal plans is noon on the fifth day of each term.

Returning Students
If your housing assignment allows for a choice of the 20 meal plan or the 12 meal plan (please see Meal Plans by Residential Location), you will automatically be assigned the 12 meal plan following Room Draw for all terms that you will be on campus. Should you prefer the 20 meal plan, please go to The Hub to change your meal plan prior to noon on the fifth day of the term. If you will be living in a location with only one option (5 meal plan or off board),you will be assigned the plan listed. You may always select a larger meal plan if you prefer. Please consult The Hub at any time to verify your meal plan assignment or to make a change.

If you wish to have a meal plan other than the plan assigned, please make the change as soon as possible to have your Room and Board billing reflect the correct billing amounts. The deadline for meal plan changes is noon on the following dates:

Fall Term: September, 20, 2013
Winter Term: January 10, 2014
Spring Term: April 4, 2014

After a term has begun, any student who consumes meals using a Carleton College meal plan and then changes to the No Board option before the Meal Plan Change deadline will be billed the full cost of each meal eaten. 


Students must present their OneCard at Burton or East Dining Hall to authorize the use of their meal plan. Visit the OneCard website for information about this and all other uses of the OneCard. If you lose your OneCard, please report it immediately to avoid having your meals used by someone else.


Students who believe their special dietary requirements cannot be met by Dining Services must complete a Meal Plan Exemption Request Form. Meal plans will not be adjusted for any reason other than medical.

  • 2013-14 Meal Plans

    Complete descriptions of each meal plan for the 2013-14 academic year.
  • Meal Plan Options by Residential Location

    The location of a student's residence determines the available meal plan choices.
  • Dining Dollars/Schillers/Dining Hall Meal Prices

    Dining dollars and Schillers allow students and employees to purchase items in Sayles Café or guest meals in the Dining Halls. Cash is also accepted. Click here for meal prices for those not on meal plans.
  • eXpress Lunch/Pack-Outs/Sick Trays/Food Allergies and Other Medical Concerns

    Information for students with medical concerns, students who are ill, students whose schedules conflict with dining hall hours, and college sponsored groups ordering Pack-Outs.
  • Meal Plan Exemptions

    In rare cases a meal plan exemption is permitted.
  • Cafe Fast

    The Cafe Fast program allows student groups to raise money for charitable organizations by asking their peers to skip a meal in the dining hall.
  • Summer Meal Plans

    This summer for the first time, Carleton Dining Services will offer meal plan options to students living and working in Northfield over the summer. The plans will be active from Monday, June 24 – Saturday, August 17 whenever LDC is open.