Distinguished Visitors-in-Residence


The Distinguished Visitors-in-Residence program brings prominent individuals to campus, either academic or non-academic, for short-term residential visits typically between one to two weeks in length.  The purpose of the Distinguished Visitors-in-Residence program is to enrich the liberal arts, residential experience by strengthening the intellectual community of the College. It provides an opportunity for deeper interaction with individuals than a single public event may provide, but who would be unable to commit to a term-long visit. Visitors may come from business, professional, public service, or other fields, as well as from academic and artistic fields. Our hope is that the program provides opportunities to explore the achievements and commitments of our guests as well as their distinguished careers. Distinguished Visitors-in-Residence may be hosted by departments, interdisciplinary programs, faculty/staff groups involved in campus initiatives , or ad hoc groups of faculty with common interests.

Distinguished Visitors-in-Residence will normally give a public talk in addition to participating in activities scheduled by the host departments, programs, or faculty group. Visitors will be expected to meet informally with small groups of students, faculty, or staff.  Distinguished visitors may offer "short courses" for one to two credits during their visit. Ideal plans for a visitor’s stay will balance the specific purposes of the host group with the wider educational interests of the College. 

Following are examples of Distinguished Visitors-in-Residence:

  • Marion Ritchey Vance '60
    Formerly field representative for Columbia, regional director of the Andrean region, and director of learning and evaluation at the Inter-America Foundation; grassroots organizer and expert in international community development
    Hosted by Sociology and Anthropology
    Supported by the C. Angus Wurtele Environmental Studies Fund
  • Lila Abu-Lughod '74
    Joseph L. Buttenwieser Professor of Social Science, Columbia University
    Co-Director, Center for the Critical Analysis of Social Difference, Columbia University
    Hosted by Middle Eastern Languages and the Middle East Initiative
    Supported by the Ira Wender Visitor for Cultural Understanding Fund
  • Michael H. Armacost '58, H89
    Former ambassador and president of the Brookings Institute
    Fellow, The Asia/Pacific Research Center, Stanford University
    Hosted by Political Science
    Supported by the Harold Stassen United Nations Lectureship Fund
  • Margaret C. Simms '67
    Institute Fellow and Director, Low-Income Working Families Project, The Urban Institute, Washington, DC
    Hosted by Economics
    Supported by the Helen Andrus Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professor Fund

For information about the Distinguished Visitors-in-Residence Program, or to discuss possible visitors, please contact Associate Dean George Shuffelton at gshuffel or x4300.  A detailed checklist for planning a visit can be found here.  Also note that one apartment in Faculty Club has been reserved for these guests.  To request lodging for a guest, please complete the request form