Dining Services (provide at least seven working days notice)

Dining Services maintains a current menu with pricing and policy information to assist you in planning for events on campus.  Click here for additional information and to view the catering guide.  To place an order, please complete the Catering Request Form.

Pack-Out Procedures (provide a minimum of seven days advance notice)

In an effort to meet the needs of students, Dining Services has designed a pack-out program for board students who will not be able to eat at the dining halls due to a schedule conflict for an authorized school scheduled event. Pack-outs provide cold bulk food for a group of students that each student assembles him/herself. Pack-outs must be ordered in writing via e-mail or in person. Click here for more information about Pack-Out procedures.

eXpress Lunch (located at LDC - East Dining Hall)

eXpress Lunch is able to provide bag lunches or bulk lunches priced out per menu item. Contact the LDC Operations Manager at x7107 with at least a 24-hour notice. (Note: They will help in emergency situations.)  Click here for more information.


You can use your OneCard to charge food and beverage purchases to your department’s primary budget at Sayles-Hill CafĂ© or in the Dining Halls. You will need to tell the cashier that you want to do a department charge on your OneCard.  For additional details, click here.