Student Departmental Advisers


Position Overview:  How are SDAs used? Departments differ. As minimum service, SDAs generally provide information about courses, prerequisites, and the department’s program in general to underclassmen during New Student Week, the annual October Major’s Fair, advising days and registration periods and at other times as needed – for example, at your annual meeting with sophomores who are considering a major in your department (if you hold one). Some departments have their SDAs performing a variety of tasks within the department: members of department curricular committees, involvement with department reviews, organizing activities to recruit new majors, hosting visitors, meeting with job candidates when they are on campus, producing a department newsletter, and planning social events for majors.

Selection Process: Each spring the Dean of the College office will contact you and provide you with a list of all rising seniors in your department with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, who are eligible to serve as SDAs.  You may then either contact all of these students and invite them to express interest in the position or make a decision about which of them you wish to offer the position to.  In April you will need to let Becky Krogh in the Dean of the College office know which student(s) will serve as your SDAs for the following year.

Orientation:  The Dean of the College office will run a short orientation session for SDAs during New Student Week that will help them to prepare for the Academic Fair and to think broadly about how they can help students in their departments.  Beginning in 2013-14, we will be working with SDAs to expand their role as peer academic advisers beyond their traditional roles within their departments.  The Dean's office believes that SDAs, as well-informed peer academic advisers, can play a valuable role in the College’s and each department’s academic advising system.