Honors in Independent Study

Outstanding independent work may be awarded Honors in Independent Study and cited at Honors Convocation. Work submitted for consideration for Honors in Independent Study normally would have been done under the rubric of independent study as listed in the Academic Catalog as Courses 291 or 391. Work done in connection with a Carleton summer fellowship, such as a Larson, is also eligible.

For a student to be considered for this recognition, a faculty sponsor and one other faculty member must recommend the project to the Student Fellowships Committee, and provide the name of an outside evaluator willing to report on it.  Departments and individual faculty members may specify their own deadlines before the end of winter term for the completion of projects to be considered for honors.

By Monday, March 23, 2015, the faculty sponsor should submit the online nomination form (under "Information For and About Faculty" then "Forms" on the Dean of the College website) which includes:

  • the name of the student whose work is to be considered;
  • the name, address, and telephone number of a qualified person who has agreed to read and evaluate the work (the "Outside Evaluator").

    Attach the following to the form:

  • the Honors in Independent Study paper;
  • a letter of nomination addressed to the Dean of the College Office, c/o George Shuffelton, from the faculty supervisor detailing the merits of the project, providing information about its genesis in Independent Study or as summer research with a faculty mentor, and, as appropriate, confirming that the project is not work which is an integral part of a student's integrative exercise (comps project);
  • a brief statement of endorsement by another member of the faculty, usually the Chair of the department in which the project was done (this can be emailed to Karen Moldenhauer in the Dean of the College Office separately by faculty member).

On the basis of the letters from the nominating faculty member at Carleton and the outside reviewer, the Student Fellowships Committee will make decisions about awarding Honors.

CONTACT: Constance Walker, Chair, Student Fellowships Committee, Laird Hall 203, (507) 222-4314.