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Request Services

  • Is it an Emergency?

    If people, equipment, or buildings could be endangered or damaged by failure to correct the problem promptly or if the problem poses a security risk, then it's an emergency.
  • Facilities Work Request Form

    Submit a Work Request if you need something cleaned, repaired, installed, moved, replaced, or for key requests. Work Requests are processed for all maintenance, grounds, and custodial needs. Facilities personnel strive to quickly respond to all Facilities Work Requests. An automatic feature of the system immediately notifies office personnel that a new request was submitted. So, don’t hesitate to send an emergency request through the Facility Wizard Web system. Emergency Work Orders are quickly identified, routed to the appropriate staff, and will be completed within 24-48 hours. All routine Work Requests are normally completed within 6-8 days.
  • Facility Change Request Form

    To request an improvement or change an existing area, complete a Facility Change Request form and send it to Barb Tousignant by November 19. Budget administrators consider requests for funding, concluding with a decision by the end of February. Requests submitted after the budget deadline, will be considered individually, based on urgency and cost.
  • Facilities Set-Up Requests

    Special set-up arrangements for EVENTS and MEETINGS are scheduled on-line through Campus Services when you reserve your space. You must request your set-up needs a minimum of 7 days in advance and they are billed to departmental accounts. Please confirm your reservation with the Campus Scheduler at x7185.
  • Office Space Notification Form

    Preparing an office can require assistance from many offices in order to coordinate everything needed. Use the online Office Space Notification form to start the process.